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City of Rochester

Center City Master Plan


Reconnecting to Rochester's Center City

Downtown Rochester has been the hub of the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region for nearly 200 years.  It has seen many changes during that history.  Now, more than any other time in the past half century, broad national, social, cultural, economic and demographic trends are coalescing to bring renewed energy to cities.  A new generation is reconnecting with their downtowns.  Rochester realizes the importance of a vibrant Center City and is dedicated to making decisions that will produce a high quality of urban life that its citizens are proud of and that is attractive to 21st century entrepreneurial talent and investment. 

Updating the 2003 Center City Master Plan

The Center City Master Plan was first adopted in 2003. Since that time many development projects, political and market changes, budget issues and other events have affected Center City. The update of the Center City Master Plan provides an opportunity to listen to the public and downtown stakeholders and understand their views on the future of downtown Rochester.The updated plan document and website will include current conditions downtown, reflect the changes as seen over the past decade, and incorporate the priorities expressed by stakeholders and citizens.

Draft 2014 Center City Master Plan

Please review the draft plan, which can be downloaded here. Paper copies are also available in all city libraries. 

Please remember the plan is a draft.  It will change.  Talented graphic and web designers will produce the final document and webpage.  Right now, and up until December 31, we want to hear your suggestions. 

  • Is the general format easy to understand? 
  • Do the maps provide useful information?  Are they easy to read?  Do they help illustrate the principles? 
  • Are there things not shown on the maps that you would like to see?   
  • Do the images and photos help illustrate the principles? 
  • Are there images not shown that you would like to see?  Would you like to submit your own photograph?    
  • Other comments?  

Center City 3D Model

Learn about the new Center City 3D model!

Javas AMFrequently Asked Questions about Center City, the Master Plan, and the update process:

Other Center City Planning Efforts

Community Planning Efforts

Emerging Initiatives


Comments or questions related to the Center City Master Plan Update should be emailed to centercity@cityofrochester.gov, or sent to:

Center City Master Plan
Attention: Jason Haremza
City Hall Room 125B
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614

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