Deputy Chief of Community Engagement and Relations

ThDeputy Chief Wayne Harrise Deputy Chief of Community Engagement and Relations is a newly created position. Deputy Chief Wayne Harris will be working under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police and is responsible for assisting the Chief of Police in coordinating all community relations and engagement activities.   

As the Rochester Police Department continues to forge a stronger bond with the community it serves, this position will give the Chief of Police another tool in which to fully engage every segment of our community.

In this role, Deputy Chief Harris will report directly to Chief Ciminelli to provide top-level coordination of RPD’s approaches to improve its Community Oriented Policing initiatives. Deputy Chief Harris will be meeting with various representatives of the community in business, education, human service and civic action as it relates to their continuous interaction with RPD. DC Harris will represent RPD to various groups concerned with inter-governmental law enforcement affairs on city, county, state and federal levels and will chair advisory groups of citizens that coordinate, update and promote effective community relations and engagement strategies. Additionally, DC Harris will be tasked with reviewing investigations in all instances of alleged or apparent discrimination or misconduct by police personnel and make recommendations regarding discipline, training, etc., researching, developing and implementing effective communication tools to work with diverse populations the RPD serves and implementing new programs, procedures, and policies designed to improve the community’s perception and appreciation of law enforcement.

Blueprint for Engagement - Police/Community Relations Evaluation

Click here to view the Blueprint for Engagement - Evaluating Police/Community Relations Final Report 2017 document 

Community Recruiters

As an element of the Blueprint for Engagement, the City of Rochester is looking for young men and women to serve as Rochester Police Officers. In an effort to enhance our recruitment strategies, the Rochester Police Department is looking for interested community members willing to serve as Community Recruiters. We are seeking individuals from all aspects of the Rochester community, including residents, clergy, business, education, and government that are willing to identify qualified candidates interested in a law enforcement career and begin the initial recruitment process. This will serve as a force multiplier for recruitment efforts and help attract more qualified candidates to pursue a career with the RPD, with a special focus on city residents.  Click here for more information.