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City of Rochester

Northeast Quadrant Public Budgeting Ballot


Northeast Quadrant Ballot


  • All residents of the Northeast quadrant, age 16 and up may vote on this ballot.
  • Commercial properties are allowed one vote per address located in the quadrant.
  • You can only vote ONCE.
  • You can only vote for one (1) project.
  • For full project details,  download the project charters below, or if you need help determining the quadrant you live in, call the Northeast NSC Office at 428-7660.


Proposal #1: Expand the GIS Scholars Program  

  • Provide after-school training for high school students in the operation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.
  • Add 5-10 additional students to the GIS Scholars to the program
  • Create a GIS mapping project to assist with crime reduction in selected neighborhoods
  • Collect data and identify crime rates through mapping and technology
  • Create youth made maps to plot the variables surrounding crime on a GIS map, i.e. property ownership, poverty, single parent households, truancy, proximity to services, etc.
  • Publish, post and share results 
  • Conduct outreach and promotion 
  • Download the full proposal 

Proposal #2:  Purchase Utility Task Vehicles  

  • Establish an off-road code enforcement program to equip Crime Prevention Officers at the Northeast Neighborhoods Service Center (NSC) with off-road vehicles.
  • Increase emergency personnel access and ability to patrol trails and City parks in order to keep them safer.
  • Increase emergency personnel access and ability to patrol green spaces, cut-throughs, and unofficial trails left behind by vacant structure demolitions.
  • Create community and youth engagement through the use of the vehicle in neighborhoods.
  • Download the full proposal 

Proposal #3: Create Mini-Grant Program for Northeast Quadrant Block Clubs and Business Association 

  • Twenty (20) $500 mini-grants
  • Create and maintain community gardens
  • Conduct mini-clean sweeps
  • Art/murals on utility boxes
  • Outreach and advertising
  • Download the full proposal 


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