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City of Rochester

Northwest Quadrant VOC Public Budgeting Ballot


Northwest Quadrant Ballot


  • All residents of the Northwest quadrant, age 16 and up may vote on this ballot.
  • Commercial properties are allowed one vote per address located in the quadrant.
  • You can only vote ONCE.
  • You can only vote for one (1) project.
  • For full project details, or if you need help determining the quadrant you live in, call the Northwest NSC Office at 428-7620.


Proposal #1: Enhanced Communications and Support for Neighborhood and Business Associations 

  • Neighborhood outreach operations
    • Phone alert system to inform neighbors of crime patterns, upcoming events, etc.
    • Email distribution system to disseminate neighborhood information
    • Neighborhood web pages on City website
    • Flyers and brochures to attract new block club, neighborhood and business association members
  • Six (6) grants for neighborhood public safety projects.
  • Full color new neighborhood directory to showcase neighborhood schools, churches, businesses, neighborhood associations, etc.
  • Annual neighborhood showcase event.
  • Download the full proposal 

Proposal #2: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 

  • Encourage pedestrian traffic in commercial corridors while also discouraging loitering, street drug sales, and gambling.
  • Three (3) mosquito sound systems which emit high frequency sound.
  • Vacant storefront art
    • Faux storefronts
    • Art installations in windows 
  • Sidewalk plantings and hanging baskets to enhance business corridors
  • Outdoor cafe seating for rotating use
  • Increase brightness of street lighting in high crime areas to determine effectiveness
  • High visibility pedestrian crossing signs to calm car traffic at unsignaled crosswalks
  • Download the full proposal. 

Proposal #3: Enhanced PAC-TAC (Police and Citizens Together Against Crime) and Community Outreach Programs 

  • Hire PAC-TAC Coordinator
  • Revitalize and rebrand PAC-TAC program
  • Support block clubs and neighborhood watch programs
  • Clothing, flashlights, police radios, printing
  • Promotional events such as movie nights, gospel jamborees, talent shows, speak-outs
  • Download the full proposal. 

Proposal #4: Ride to Revitalize 

  • Expand program opportunities for youth and families
    • Horseback riding
    • Rec On the Move
    • Bike rodeos and helmets
    • Field trips
    • Equipment for Police Activity League (PAL)
  • Activities, food and events, fundraising, scholarships
  • Community outreach
  • Equine therapy
  • Download the full proposal. 


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