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City of Rochester

Southwest Quadrant VOC Public Budgeting Ballot


Voting for the Voice of the Citizen Public Budgeting is closed

Southwest Quadrant Ballot


  • All residents of the Southwest quadrant, age 16 and up may vote on this ballot.
  • Commercial properties are allowed one vote per address located in the Southwest quadrant.
  • You can only vote ONCE.
  • You can only vote for one (1) project.
  • For full project details, or if you need help determining the quadrant you live in, call the Southwest NSC Office at 428-7630 .


Proposal #1: Arts and Cultural Programs for At-Risk Youth 

  • Southwest Rochester Photo Story 
    • 26 week program for 56 participants to develop the story and history of Southwest Rochester
    • Multiple hands-on projects to strengthen cultural and historical knowledge including video production 
    • Community presentations 
  • Two, six-week family cooking classes on food selection, cooking techniques, nutrition and healthy foods 
  • Outreach and promotion
  • Download the full proposal 

Proposal #2: Career and Community Education Programs 

  • Jobs for Life Program to provide job referrals and mentors for 30 adults including materials and transportation to the classes 
  • Adult vocational training 
  • Adult financial literacy and homebuyer seminars 
  • Adult civic engagement and block club leadership development sessions 
  • Youth tutoring for sixty (60) K-12 students in science, technology, engineering, math and career exploration 
  • Youth disaster recovery workshop to teach skills in disaster preparation
  • Outreach and promotion
  • Download the full proposal 

Proposal #3: Community Building Projects 

  • Strategic planning sessions for 120 participants to develop goals and outcomes for engaging community members. 
  • Youth community outreach and youth block club leadership program that involves walking neighborhoods, speaking at events about community building 
  • Adult community outreach and Parents on Patrol program 
  • Download the full proposal


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