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The ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition seeks to end gun violence in Rochester by bringing attention to the causes and effects of gun violence and promoting quality of life in Rochester's neighborhoods. The Coalition is made up of community partners and stakeholders who are already working to end gun violence using three unified tools: to educate, advocate and eradicate.

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The Coalition is seeking more Individual and organization to  welcome to help Educate and Advocate to Eradicate gun violence in our Rochester. 

Organizations seeking to  join the coalition can call Councilmember Willie J. Lightfoot’s office - (585) 428-6554, the Rochester City Council Office - (585) 428-7538 or email Councilman Lightfoot’s Legislative Aide Andre Gulley at


Willie J . LightfootThe Coalition was formed in June of 2018 during Gun Violence Awareness Month at the behest of City
Councilmember Willie J. Lighttfoot, Chair of the Public Safety Youth and Recreation Committee. Mayor
Lovely A. Warren has pledged her full support.

“I am very excited about the energy around this movement. This is my number one priority as the new
chair of Public Safety Youth and Recreation Committee,” said Councilmember Lightfoot, “I am
committed to educating our youth and community about the lasting impacts of gun violence, advocating
for new laws and policies that make our community safer, and eradicating gun violence from our
neighborhoods. I am so grateful to have Mayor Lovely Warren as a committed partner in this effort.”
-- Councilmember Willie J . Lightfoot

Mayor Lovely A. Warren“Gun violence has plagued our community and destroyed lives for far too long,” said Mayor Lovely A.
Warren. “We cannot legislate morality, but we can bring the community together with one united voice
to say enough is enough. That’s why I am proud and thankful to work with Councilmember Lightfoot
and the men and women of the Roc Against Gun Violence Coalition to bring much needed attention to
the issue of gun violence.” -- Mayor Lovely A. Warren