RFP - Purchase of Stone Street Wing of South Ave Parking Garage

Updated Supplemental Information - 10/16/18



The City of Rochester is seeking proposals from qualified parties interested in purchasing the Stone Street Wing of the South Avenue Parking Garage ('SAPG') located at 39 Stone Street in Rochester, New York. The desired outcome of this RFP process is the sale and conveyance of the Stone Street Wing of the SAPG to a new owner.
The South Avenue Parking Garage consists of a nine (9) level structure with a total of 1,617 parking spaces situated on an approximately 2.38 acre parcel. There are two distinct wings of the SAPG and they include the South Avenue Wing and the Stone Street Wing. This RFP applies to the Stone Street Wing only of the South Avenue Parking Garage, which is located on the eastern side of the garage along Stone Street and consists of 542 spaces.

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The Property is owned by the City of Rochester and consists of approximately one-third of a larger garage known as the South Avenue Parking Garage. The subject of this RFP is the Stone Street Wing of the South Avenue Parking Garage. Construction of the entire South Avenue Parking Garage began in 1971 and it was opened for use in 1974. The entire South Avenue Parking Garage has approximately 1617 spaces and the Stone Street Wing (the portion being considered for sale) has 542 spaces. 

South Avenue Parking Garage and the Stone Street Wing both share one tax account number at this time. Prior to a conveyance, the portion being sold will be sub-divided to a separate and distinct tax account number.

The Stone Street Wing is subject to one existing parking agreement with the Hilton Garden Inn that will survive the sale of the property. The Agreement can be downloaded from the ‘Resources’ section below. The parking agreement should be read in its entirety because the conditions will be binding upon the future owner of the Stone Street Wing.

Resources Available

  1. Summary of Shared Building Systems with Plans – Systems shared by the Stone Street Wing and South Avenue Garage Wing
  2. South Avenue Garage Special Synopsis – Current structural conditions and repair recommendations
  3. South Avenue (including Stone Street Wing) Full 2017 Garage Inspection & Rating Program Report
  4.  Parking Agreement with Hilton Garden Inn - 2013

RFP Informational Meeting

City staff will be available at the following date and time to provide clarification on RFP requirements and respond to questions.

DATE: October 2, 2018
TIME: 10:30am (EST)
PLACE: City Council Chambers, City Hall 

Submission Information and Deadline

Ten (10) hard copies and a thumb drive with a digital copy of the proposal must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 26, 2018 at the following address.

City of Rochester
Bureau of Business and Housing Development/NBD
30 Church Street, Room 005-A
Rochester, NY 14614
ATTN: Receptionist

For Information/Questions

Questions regarding this opportunity should be emailed directly to:
Timothy R. Curtin, Corporation Counsel, at Tim.Curtin@CityofRochester.Gov
with a copy to:
Laura Miller, Director of Parking, at Laura.Miller@CityofRochester.Gov