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Animal Services Quarterly Newsletter

In 2002, Animal Services began publishing a quarterly newsletter containing information on intake and disposition statistics; changes, improvements, and enhancements; noteworthy calls for service or shelter stories; articles on challenges faced by the organization; and discussion of programs and events.

The newsletter began as a tool to keep City employees informed of what is going on at the shelter and in field operations within the Animal Services Section of the Rochester Police Department. Over the years the newsletter distribution list has grown to include adopters, donors, and other supporters. We believe the newsletter has achieved one of the main goals of bolstering awareness of Animal Services within the Police Department, within the City of Rochester government, and within the community we serve.

Beginning in 2007, the newsletter shifted from solely a City publication as the Kennel Quarterly to a joint effort between Animal Services and the Verona Street Animal Society. This joint publication became the Verona Street News. 

Verona Street News

  •  Summer 2013 - Verona Street News 
  • Spring 2013 - Verona Street News 
  • Winter 2013 - Verona Street News 
  • Summer/Fall 2012 - Verona Street News 
  • Winter 2012 - Verona Street News 
  • Fall 2011 - Verona Street News 
  • Summer 2011 - Verona Street News 
  • Spring 2011 - Verona Street News 
  • Winter 2011 - Verona Street News 
  • Fall 2010 - Verona Street News 
  • Summer 2010 - Verona Street News 
  • Spring 2010 - Verona Street News 
  • Fall Winter 2009-2010 - Verona Street News  
  • Summer 2009 - Verona Street News 
  • Spring 2009 - Verona Street News  
  • Winter 2009 - Verona Street News  
  • September 2008 / Verona Street Newsletter 
  • May 2008 / Verona Street Newsletter 
  • February 2008 / Verona Street Newsletter  
  • November 2007 / Verona Street Newsletter 
  • Kennel Quarterly

    The following are links to the first five volumes of the original Kennel Quarterly:

    Kennel Quarterly vol. I(1) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. I(2) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. I(3)

    Kennel Quarterly vol. I(4) 


    Kennel Quarterly vol. II(1) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. II(2) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. II(3) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. II(4) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. III(1)  

    Kennel Quarterly vol. III(2) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. III(3) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. III(4) 


    Kennel Quarterly vol. IV(1) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. IV(2)

    Kennel Quarterly vol. IV(3)

    Kennel Quarterly vol. IV(4) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. V(1) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. V(2) 

    Kennel Quarterly vol. V(3)

    Kennel Quarterly vol. V(4) 


    Please contact the Verona Street Animal Society with comments and suggestions regarding past or future issues of the newsletter.

    Telephone: 585-727-2533
    Facsimile: 585-428-6130
    Address: P.O. Boc 22874 Rochester, NY 14692
    email: vsasinc@gmail.com 


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