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City of Rochester

Embellishment Fees on the Property Tax Bill

Embellishment fees, charges for specific services, are included on the annual property tax bill. The fees are based on a property's front footage. To figure out an embellishment charge, the embellishment rate is multiplied by the property's front footage. For corner properties, the front footage comprises 1/3 of the longer side's footage plus the full footage of the lot's shorter side. 


Service Rate Average Homestead Charge
Street Cleaning 1.228 $49.12
Roadway Snow Plowing 2.677 $107.08
Sidewalk Snow Plowing 0.796 $31.84
Hazardous Sidewalk Repair 0.544 $21.76
Total  5.245  $209.80

*Average Homestead = House assessed with a 40' front footage.

These fees are based on the July 1, 2010 tax bill and are subject to periodic revision.

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