Rochester Police Department Central Investigations Division

This Division is responsible for coordinating liaison activities in regards to criminal investigations, both intra-agency and inter-agency. In addition to the activities specified below, the Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) has the responsibility to meet periodically with representatives of the District Attorney's Office and local judiciary for both adult and juvenile courts. This Division also consists of:  

Major Crimes Unit - Responsible for the investigation of homicides, incidents of suspicious or unexplained deaths, police-involved shootings where a person was struck by police gunfire and any crime or series of crimes as directed by the Commanding Officer of the CID or the Deputy Chief of Operations.

Economic Crimes Unit - Responsible for the investigation of complex financial crimes. Investigating organized groups involved in counterfeiting, forgery and retail theft. Also elder-abuse financial exploitation and complex multi jurisdictional cases, including acting as liaisons with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and bank clearing houses to coordinate economic crime investigations and intelligence sharing.

License Investigation Unit - Responsible for the investigation of applicants for licenses that are issued by the City of Rochester which require the approval of the Chief of Police, the maintenance of all files pertaining to such issued licenses and the inspections of facilities either licensed by the Chief of Police or requiring such police inspections and enforcement pursuant to the Municipal Code. The License Unit is also responsible for the administration of the City's Alarm Ordinance and processing NYS Pistol Permit Applications.  

  Special Victims Investigations (SVI) - Responsible for the continued investigation of missing person cases and investigating cases of intra-familial child abuse (physical or sexual) in which the suspect is 18 years-of-age or older. SVI is comprised of Department personnel, working in conjunction with other area law enforcement agencies and the Monroe County Department of Social Services. SVI is also responsible for determining dispositions of open child abuse or child neglect investigations, assisting patrol sections (or others as directed by the Commanding Officer of the CID) in the investigation of any crime involving a child victim or any complaint of child abuse or neglect.

Technicians Unit - Responsible for providing evidence gathering and analysis services to the Department. This unit has the primary responsibility for crime scene processing including, photographing, videotaping, sketching the scene, and protecting, processing, collecting and preserving physical evidence. It is also responsible for developing, lifting and labeling all fingerprints pursuant to the collection and preservation of evidence.