Developer's Guide


A Tool to Help You Navigate the City's Permitting and Construction Requirements

Clean air, pure water, unpolluted land, accessible streets and safe, sound and attractive buildings are among the expectations of the people of Rochester. Residents recognize that development and rehabilitation projects are both necessary and desirable.

To meet these goals, the City encourages and assists prospective developers and enforces environmental, zoning and construction standards.

Developers and interested parties are encourage to contact our Planning and Zoning Office early in the process to review permit requirements and review processes most frequently involved with major construction and rehabilitation projects in the City of  Rochester.

They can also review the on-line Developer Guidance Handbook Handbook. This handbook is intended to be informative and provide general direction in the development process. Information on actual city codes can be found at

The handbook is a “living” document that will edited to remain current. Any questions should be directed to Dorraine Kirkmire at

Centralized Permit Office

The City has simplified its development review and approval process by creating a Centralized Permit Office located in Room 121B of City Hall. In this one location, a developer may apply for a variety of permits, thus reducing the number of offices to be visited.