Rochester Police Department Physical Agility Workshops

Let our physical trainers coach you to success. Preparation for the physical agility exam is the key to success and knowing how to prepare can be just as important.  Agility-WorkshopDownload the physical agility information sheet.  View the physical agility video.

Generally the RPD finds that 50% of the candidates that come to the physical agility test do not pass and cannot continue in the process. Because of this statistic many good candidates are lost early in the hiring process. 

Our physical agility workshops prepare you for the exam by showing you the proper form for the pushup and sit-up, tips on maintaining endurance during the 1 ½ mile run, going over workout schedules, giving you nutrition tips and running you through a practice physical agility exam. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your chances for success in becoming a Rochester Police Officer. Join us at our next physical agility preparation course. 

Physical agility workshops will be held following the November 2015 written exam. At this time we do not have the dates, but the workshops will be held in the winter of 2016. Please check back here in December for the location, dates and sign up information. The RPD urges all exam applicants to begin their physical agility preparation now. To view the physical agility video and the information sheet, click on the links above.