Environmental Cleanup- Emerson Street (former landfill site)


The former Emerson Street landfill is a closed municipal solid waste landfill located on the western portion of the City of Rochester.  The landfill, approximately 230 acres in size, was operated by the City from the 1950s until the early 1970s when the landfill was closed.   Municipal waste was incinerated onsite, and the resulting ash and non-combustible materials was disposed via burial on the landfill.  Subsequent to landfill closure, development was initiated on portion of the former landfill site, including several manufacturing facilities, a City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services (DES) operation facility  and athletic fields associated with a public high school. 

What's Been Completed

The City has completed several environmental investigations and select interim remedial measures, and approximately 200 of the original 230 acres of the landfill have been delisted from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Inactive Hazardous Waste Site Inventory; however, waste fill is still present on portions of the nearly 230 acre landfill.


Two guidance documents have been developed by the City to assist owners, developers, and designers in planning for development, characterizing waste-fill materials that may be excavated during development, and managing excavated waste-fill.  Listed below is an environmental management plan guidance document, and a sub-slab vapor mitigation guidance document.