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City of Rochester

Robert J. Duffy Administration 2006-2010

Mayor Duffy greets constituents.Bob Duffy was sworn in as the Mayor of Rochester, NY, on Jan. 1, 2006, for a four year term, and was re-elected in November 2009. His highly-regarded management team has decades of experience in the private, public and non-profit communities. Duffy set out on an ambitious agenda to revitalize Rochester by focusing on improvements to public safety, education and economic development, maintaining that all three are inextricably linked. Customer service was another focus for the Duffy administration. Every constituent contact was responded to within 48-hours, he held frequent City Hall on the Road meetings, and in 2008 he launched the 311/One Call to City Hall system to make government more accessible to citizens.

With hope, unity and commitment as their guiding principles, the Mayor and his team tapped into the community’s enthusiasm to bring Rochester to a turning point. Robert Duffy’s knack for fostering collaboration brought more than 14,000 volunteers together to beautify the city for “Rochester’s Clean Sweep” and 30 local organizations joined his “Rochester Fair Share Coalition,” which evolved into the area wide “Rochester Community Coalition,” to help bring Rochester an equitable share of state aid. As mayor, Duffy also created the “Summer of Opportunity” to provide jobs for city youth by enlisting the help of local businesses, individuals and organizations. In the fall of 2007 he successfully launched what the media dubbed as the “Zero Tolerance” initiative to combat crime in neighborhoods.

Born in Rochester’s Tenth Ward, Duffy graduated from the Aquinas Institute, Monroe Community College and RIT. After joining the Rochester Police Department in 1976, he worked nights to earn a Master’s degree from Syracuse University. He became Deputy Chief of Police in 1992 and Rochester’s Chief of Police in 1998.

Duffy implemented several innovative programs while serving in Rochester’s Police Department. He began Crimestat, a performance management system and as Chief, significantly dropped the homicide rates in the city. He created an anti-gang initiative, collaborated with local and state police agencies to combat street violence and convened Rochester’s first-ever drug summit to seek answers to the most significant crime and public health issues. In 2005, he stepped down as Chief to campaign for Mayor.

In May, 2010 Robert Duffy was nominated to run as Lt. Governor on Andrew Cuomo's ticket. After a successful November election Robert J. Duffy resigned as mayor on Jan. 1, 2011. 

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