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City of Rochester


Final Documents

Final Design Regulations (August 2013) 
Landscaping Renderings (August 2013) 


Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (August 2010)
Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (October 2008)



Appendix C 

Final Scoping Document

Appendix D 

West Fall Road, Water Report

Appendix E 

Wetland Delineation Report, Iola Campus Redevelopment

Appendix F 

Habitat Evaluation for presence of threatened and endangered plant species

Appendix G 

Design Guidelines

Appendix H 

Historic Images

Appendix I  

Iola Historic Resource Evaluation

Appendix J 

Preliminary Structural Condition Report

Appendix K 

Iola Campus Architectural Assessment

Appendix L 

Limited XRF Lead Based Paint Inspection

Appendix M 

Forensic Building and Microbiological Investigative Executive Summary

Appendix N 

Cultural Resource Management Report

Appendix O 

Traffic Impact Study

Appendix P 

Site & Building Assessment, Real Estate Market conditions, Preliminary Financial Analysis

Appendix Q 

Retail Market Analysis

Appendix R 

Mixed Use Development

Appendix S 

Department of the Army Jurisdictional Determination


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