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City of Rochester

Information Center of the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County


Bausch and Lomb Public Library Building 

   1st Floor, Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building
   115 South Avenue
   Rochester, NY  14604

   (585) 428-7300

The Information Center provides:

Assistance in locating materials throughout the library and answers to basic questions 
Basic instruction in use of the library catalog and on-line magazine databases
Classes in basic computer use, including Internet, Word and Excel.  To sign up for a class, call (585) 428-8020 during business hours.
One on one assistance with resumes and job applications in the Jobs Lab
Community information, daily newspapers available for reading 
Information on Shelters and Meals and food cupboards. To obtain a copy of any of these Information Center publications, call (585) 428-8020 during business hours, or click on the "Information" tab under Central Departments at www.libraryweb.org



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