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City of Rochester

Northwest Quadrant Team Members

The City of Rochester is committed to providing high quality customer service.  The Department of Neighborhood and Business Development has been designed to improve customer service.  A key enhancement is the development of quadrant based teams of experts.  These cross functional teams will be dedicated to providing city services in a seamless, customer friendly manner to creatively resolve issues, establish community partnerships, and proactively promote the stability, strengths and growth of city neighborhoods and businesses. The teams will serve as the champion for citizens and other customers by eliminating barriers to provide results oriented, cost effective services in the City of Rochester.

The mission of your area quadrant team: 

  • Through teamwork we will enhance delivery of services to businesses and residents in defined geographic quadrants in a customer focused manner 
  • Will establish and maintain community partnerships, develop and implement strategic plans, prioritize objectives and implement change
  • Proactively promote the stability, strength and growth of city neighborhoods and businesses 

Quadrant Teams will meet on a regular basis with community members to maintain two way communication between the City and the community and to coordinate information sharing between and among internal and external stakeholders.

Your Northwest Quadrant Team members include:  

Core Team 
Ron Penders   NSC Administrator (585)428-7620
John McMahon  Assistant to NSC Administrator (585)428-7659
 Lt. Jeff Koehn RPD Lieutenant (585)428-7441
Telana Nieves  Economic Development Specialist    (585)428-6891
Doug Benson  City Planner/Community Planning (585)428-6824
Alisa Gillan  Administrative Staff Support (585)428-6611
Extended Core     
Suzanne McSain  Zoning Specialist (585)428-7291
Tom Mann  Code Compliance Coordinator (585)428-6562
Anne DaSilva Tella  Project Development Specialist (585)428-6124
Capt. Michael Dobbertin      RFD / Fire Safety/Codes (585)428-3697
Lauren Nelson  Environmental Services (585)428-6645
Shelly Matthews  Library Staff (585)428-8232
Luis Burgos  Recreation & Youth Services (585)428-6755
Theo Finn   Sr. Community Housing Planner (585)428-6813
Tim Hubbard   Engineer (585)428-7154








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