Focused Investment Strategy - FIS

What is Focused Investment Strategy (FIS)


In the spring of 2016, the City commissioned an evaluation to determine whether the decision to target resources for neighborhood revitalization worked, and whether we should continue to focus our investment.  The study, entitled Focused Investment for Maximum Impact, submitted in July 2016, shows that by concentrating revitalization investment, the City was able to leverage additional development, increase property values, empower community members as agents of change, and improve the quality of life of nearby residents.

The four FIS areas are Marketview Heights, Beechwood, Dewey Driving Park and Jefferson.  Mayor Warren has made a statement regarding the findings of the report:  “I believe that a continuation of the FIS can play an important role in our efforts to bring more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities to our citizens.”

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Report Set

Executive Summary 

Final Report 

Full Appendix 

FIS Area-Specific Appendices:

Marketview Heights 


Dewey Driving Park 


 Summary Matrix (Legal Size) 

FIS Neighborhoods

The following four targeted neighborhoods were designated by the City of Rochester and City Council as part of the FIS in August of 2008.

Marketview Heights
Northeast Quadrant    
Dewey Driving Park
Northwest Quadrant    
Southeast Quadrant    
Southwest Quadrant    
marketviewThumb  deweyThumb  beechwoodThumb  jeffersonThumb 

The process by which FIS is implemented is guided by the following area designations: 

  • FIS Area (Red and Blue Parcels) – areas eligible for FIS funds. FIS implementation in this area will include: developing programs to address a high proportion of the properties; working to identify opportunities for future funding; and addressing problem properties as they arise.
  • High Priority Streets (Red Parcels) – the specific streets within the FIS Area within which: every parcel will be addressed in the early years of FIS according to its needs; the streets will be viewed as priority for funding; and the streets will be priority for public infrastructure upgrades and improvements.
  • Impact Area (Gold Parcels) – an area immediately adjacent to the FIS Area, within which data will be collected and monitored for benchmarking and future decision-making.
  • View the Area Maps here 

FIS Programs

Each FIS area comprises a team of stakeholders charged with the responsibility of identifying the area’s immediate needs, conceptualizing its long-term development strategies, and planning for the allocation of FIS resources. Initial programs have been established to support rehab of owner occupied and investor-owned properties, to improve vacant lots, and to support small community-driven projects. 

FIS Documents

FIS Interim Progress Report - March 2013

Nearly four years into FIS program implementation, this report serves as an interim assessment of the Focused Investment Strategy, including:

  • Accomplishments
  • Impact on Neighborhood Health Indicators
  • Stakeholder Team Feedback/Perceptions
  • Challenges
  • Next Steps/Recommendations

View/download the report: 

Additional Information

For additional information on this program, please contact Carol Wheeler, Manager of Housing, at (585) 428-6152, or via email to