Washington Grove Preservation Project


Workers help out at a Grove Volunteer Day in 2010 

The City's Division of Forestry has devised a workplan designed to improve the condition of Washington Grove and reinforce its commitment to preserving the beauty of and access to the area. 

About Washington Grove

Washington Grove is a city owned woodland area nestled on the eastern edge of Cobbs Hill Reservoir. In 2008, a coalition of park users and surrounding neighbors came together to develop a management plan for Washington Grove. The coalition produced a draft management plan which suggested some actions aimed at preserving and restoring the Grove. This was provided to the City for review. With some modifications the plan was adopted and became the basis for an annual City work plan designed to improve the conditions of Washington Grove and reinforce its commitment to preserving the beauty of and access to the area.

Help Fund 100 New Trees and Shrubs

The City of Rochester and the Friends of Washington Grove — in commemoration of the Grove’s 100th Anniversary — have set a goal of raising $3,000 toward the purchase of 100 new trees and shrubs to be planted in the spring of 2013 in Washington Grove. The average cost of each new tree and shrub is $30. A donation form may be found here. If you wish to adopt a tree and water it, please contact the City Forester at 428-6971. 

Grove Workplan

Work began in the spring of 2010 with the cutting of Norway Maples by city staff in three areas consisting of approximately 5 acres. Volunteer followed up by reducing and distributing the brush from the initial cutting and removing smaller Norway maple saplings and stump sprouts as well as other invasive species such as black swallow wart, buckthorne, olive, winter creeper and English ivy. Logs from the initial cutting were used to line trails in the Grove. Native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers were planted by volunteers and venturing crew scouts in areas where voids were left by invasive removals. Volunteers were supervised and directed by city staff during the work dates.

Continuing the work in 2011 Norway Maples were again cut by city staff in new interior areas on approximately 6 acres of the Grove. Volunteers continued the follow-up effort by reducing and distributing brush and removing smaller invasive species. More native trees, shrubs and wild flowers were planted by volunteers from funds secured by the Friends of Washington Grove.

Over the course of 2010 and 2011 the following has been accomplished in Washington Grove:

  • Click on the photo to view a gallery from a volunteer day at the Grove.11 acres of the Grove have been managed for invasive species 
  • Over 300 volunteer hours have been worked in the Grove  
  • 87 Trees and Shrubs planted  
  • 58 Wildflowers and Ferns planted 
  • $4,600 spent in city staff time  
  • $1,000 for planting secured by Friends of Washington Grove 

Work for 2012 continued along the same lines as the previous two years. New sections of the Grove interior were managed for invasive species completing the interior areas of the Grove. Logs from the removed Norway maples were used to line the trails in the Grove. Native trees and shrubs were planted in the openings created from invasive species removal.


Family Walks in Washington Grove


Nestled behind the reservoir atop Cobb’s Hill is a beautiful grove of giant old oaks, named Washington Grove after our first President. In coordination with Flower City Looking Good, learn about Washington Grove's birds, geology and more on a family walk.
Get all the details on at Flower City Looking Good

Washington Grove Map 


Lend a hand in the Grove at Volunteer Work Days 2015!

Time: 9 a.m. to noon
Location: Meet at the Nunda entrance
Dress for the weather and bring work gloves. 

Saturday, April 18: Removing English Ivy and/or planting
Saturday, May, 2: (Washington Grove is a Clean Sweep project location) Invasive removal and/or planting
Thursday, May 14: (Washington Grove is a Day of Caring project location) Invasive removal
Saturday, May 30: Invasive removal
Saturday, June, 13: (Feet Fleet sponsored) Trail chipping.

For more information, visit www.cityofrochester.gov/washingtongrove 

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Email Mr. Brian Liberti, City Forester with questions or comments, or call the Division of Forestry at  (585) 428-7581.