Volunteer Internship Program (VIP)

Notice: The Volunteer Internship Program is currently being redesigned and enhanced. Check this page for updates.

Boy and senior playing bingo The Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) teaches students, ages 12 to 14, core pre-employment skills and provides an opportunity to participate in a community service project, which can be used to begin a documented work history.

Summary of Activities:

Youth receive 20 hours of classroom training, community-service training and projects. The projects are designed to increase knowledge of the world of work, the community and work readiness.

COMMUNITY SERVICE TRAINING AND PROJECTS:  Participants select a topic of interest in the community and develop a project to convey the theme.

COMMUNICATION: The focus is on written and oral skills.

INTERPERSONAL/SOCIAL SKILLS: Teamwork and conflict resolution is developed.

WORK READINESS SKILLS: Workplace behavior such as punctuality, the ability to follow instructions and the completion of projects is taught.

How to Apply

Participants must be City residents and have a minimum of 90% school attendance for the year, with no long-term suspensions during the school year. Students and parents each complete an application and submit them together the Bureau of Youth Services, Sibley Building, 25 Franklin St. 2nd Floor, Suite B5, Rochester, New York 14604.  If you need further information please call Alison Alden at 585-428-6342 or aldena@cityofrochester.gov.

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