Rochester Police Department Physical Agility Video

Dear Police Recruit Candidate, 

Congratulations on successfully passing the written exam and moving onto the physical agility portion in the process of becoming one of Rochester’s finest.  As you are aware, successfully passing each portion of the police exam is a requirement in order to proceed.  To become a member of Rochester’s finest, it takes hard work, dedication, and preparation.  Part of the preparation phase entails gearing up for the physical agility portion of the exam.

The job of a police officer is a rewarding career offering many opportunities within the Rochester Police Department.  Police officers face many challenges in the performance of their duties.  In order to ensure that we exceed those challenges, excellent physical condition is a requirement for police officers.

I encourage each of you to take advantage of the time that you have now to prepare for the physical agility portion of the police exam.  I invite you to visit view the video below to learn as much as possible about the physical agility workshops held and the requirements needed to pass the physical agility.  Good luck!


Michael L. Ciminelli, Police Chief





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