CityWise Teen Forum

The CityWise Teen Forum has been quite a success and has received positive responses from the community. Twice a year, CityWise is opened up to young people from the Greater Rochester area to allow them the opportunity to discuss issues affecting teens.


CityWise Teen Forum-2010

For the 2010 Teen forum, thirteen students have been selected to appear because of their excellent speaking skills and they will be divided into two groups of eight, for two separate tapings. The topics of the year are listed below:

• Sexting – New laws / sex offense
• Race in schools – Self Segregation, conflict, diversity/acceptance
• Cliques
• City vs. Suburbs – myths, compare/contrast
• School violence – Florida cases, Massachusetts case
• When should a juvenile be treated like an adult? – Florida cases, Pennsylvania case where 12 yr. old allegedly shoots step-mom
• Prom – curfew, drinking, parties, what’s appropriate attire / Prom date (age, same sex)
• Facebook – what do you put on facebook, colleges checking, do you accept your parents? 

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Part One Participations: Sophie Gallivan, Tianna Manon, Kaiya Williams, Steven Rinck, Sarah DeLaus, Unique Fair, Martin Paz

Part Two Participations: Tempest Sampson, Chanel Weaver, Kaleigh Dumigan, Cedrick Simmons, Steven Rinck, Allie Waxman, Roderick


CityWise Teen Forum- 2009

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