Midtown Development Partners

Project Partners


Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic development agency, invested $55 million for site abatement and demolition in the Midtown Rising project, seeing it as an important opportunity for Downtown Rochester's revival and as a way to stimulate additional ventures and job creation.


Consultant Team

LaBella Associates, P.C. 

LaBella Associates performed master planning and structural engineering for the Midtown site. LaBella was also responsible for the scoping and design of the project’s streets and infrastructure, resulting in a re-subdivision of the site into development parcels. LaBella prepared the Environmental Impact Statement in addition to their engineering work.

The LiRo Group  

LiRo Engineers, Inc. assisted with site abatement preparation and demolition.

Walker Consultants 

Walker Parking Consultants provided the City with a Downtown parking survey to highlight parking availability, anticipated future demand and ideas to meet that expanded demand for parking in the future.

Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. 

Cushman & Wakefield provided a collection of pre-development services.


AECOM contributed to the Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement by providing its findings in a study that investigated the current infrastructure and necessary improvements in Midtown Plaza.

Rochester Downtown Development Corporation 

The Rochester Downtown Development Corporation aims to stimulate economic growth in Downtown Rochester. Heidi Zimmer-Meyer is Chair of the Midtown Advisory Committee, a group of local business leaders that provide useful feedback in the redevelopment process.


Ontario Specialty Contracting 

Demolition work at the Midtown site is being done by Ontario Specialty Contracting.

Cambria Contracting, Inc. 

Cambria Contracting, Inc. was hired to perform site abatement, including the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Paradigm Environmental Services, Inc. 

Paradigm Environmental Services was hired to perform air monitoring services during the abatement project.