Rochester Fire Department - Prevention Permits

Fire safety codes help protect the community by ensuring that buildings are safe for the purposes in which they are being used.  Where there are increased risks, whether because of materials and equipment being stored or used, or the activities taking place, fire prevention permits are required to ensure that safety standards are continuously maintained. 

As of January 1, 2013, fees for fire prevention permits will be increasing.  There have been no fee increases since 2004, while the work required to perform the inspections and compliance efforts have grown in many cases.

New Fee Structure

The new fee structure can be viewed by clicking here Fire Permit Fee Structure (you will need a PDF viewer to review the table).

In addition, please be aware that there are several new permits that apply to certain types of businesses:

Commercial Cooking

Cooking and kitchen-related fires make up nearly 60% of fires in the City of Rochester each year, and establishments with commercial cooking systems bring greater risk to employees, customers and the community.  As of January 1, 2013, the annual commercial oven permit will be expanded to include ommercial cooking systems at $70 per permit.  This will not be considered an additional permit for those who currently hold commercial oven permits. 

Places of Assembly

New York State requires operating permits for all buildings with places of assembly having an approved occupancy limit of 100 or more people.  Building owners will be required to pass annual inspections and hold a place of assembly permit, which will cost $25 for occupancies of 100-249 and $50 for ccupancies of 250 and above.  Building owners who already hold other City licenses for the building will not be charged for this permit; however, please be advised that this permit will be required for tenants to hold and maintain entertainment, amusement and other licenses.

Establishments that already hold Rochester Fire Department permits will be receiving information in the mail and renewal information as usual.  For new permits, or questions, contact the Fire Safety Division at 585-428-3693.