We Are the RPD - Respect, Professional, Dedicated


Embracing a philosophy of Policing in the Spirit of Service represents the Rochester Police Department’Spirit-of-Service-logos (RPD) commitment to consistently providing excellent police services to the entire Rochester community. This commitment requires each employee to strive for excellence while demonstrating courtesy, professionalism and ethical standards. Every interaction with the community has an impact not only on each individual employee’s reputation, but on the overall reputation of the Rochester Police Department as a whole.  

By supporting this philosophy and postively engaging our community, particularly the younger population, we in the RPD who proudly serve the City of Rochester hope to establish and maintain strong relationships, now and in the future.

Generation News Video Series

In addition to working diligently day in and day out to keep the streets of Rochester safe, many of our members go above and beyond by contributing their personal time volunteering at events in order to interact with community members in a variety of positive and noteworthy ways. View these videos produced by Generation News to learn more about the RPD and meet some of the men and women behind the badge. 



Officer Michael Ciulla


"....I'm a person first, and a police officer second."

Officer Brandon Ince


"I've always felt a connection to people.
I've always wanted to help people."


Officer Nelsy Madrid


"I look forward to it all year, the opportunity
to be out here with the kids."


Officer Jim Laruez

"Each one of us has a passion for doing the job."

Officer Moses Robinson

"I strive to give back to the community
that I've come from. ... I'm your example"

Black Heritage Month Concert

"We want people to feel welcome
coming into the Public Safety Building."