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City of Rochester

Portland Avenue Revitalization Project

Scope of Work

The City’s Consultant, KCI Engineering of New York, will progress the street project from its inception (Four Step Plan) to construction being mindful of the needs and desires of the community and Steering Committee as outlined in the Four Step Portland Avenue Revitalization Plan report prepared by Ingalls Planning & Design dated May 2010 and also engineer a safe and pedestrian friendly street closely following the City of Rochester’s Complete Streets Policy effective December 2011.The street enhancements that were captured from the Four Step Portland Avenue Revitalization Plan and will be implemented into the street revitalization project are: 

  • High Visible Crosswalks
    • Installed on all four legs of signalized intersections 
  • Curb Bump-Outs
    • Carefully designed to insure proper street drainage is maintained once installed 
  • Sidewalks
    • Broken and misaligned sidewalks will be replaced – spot sidewalk replacement
    • Special sidewalk treatments such as exposed aggregate or special scoring patterns may be used to better define gateways
  • Traffic Improvements 
    • Upgrades to the traffic signals within the limits of the project 
    • Improved safety through the Portland/Mohawk/Chapin intersections
  • Signage & Striping 
    • Edge-line striping and bicycle lanes will be reviewed as part of the design 
    • Upgrade existing regulatory signs 
    • Existing pavement markings will be evaluated
  • Lighting 
    • A new City-owned street lighting system will be installed within the project limits 
  • Possible Additional Streetscape – Governed by the Neighborhood 
    • Banners on street light poles 
    • Bicycle racks
    • Benches 
    • Planter
    • Kiosks
    • Outdoor seating to give a “Village” feel
  • Landscaping
    • Installation of new street trees in available tree planting locations
  • Bus Shelters (Coordinated with the RGRTA)
    • Stop consolidation reviews
    • Determine ideal locations for potential bus shelters
  • Pavement
    • A Federal milling and resurfacing (M&R) project is proposed in 2016 for Portland Avenue (Draper St to the north City Line)

Public Participation

A public meeting to present final design was held on May 21, 2014.

The City held the first public meeting for the design phase of this project on January 9th, 2014.


This project will be locally funded with no federal or state funds anticipated.

Project Background

The City of Rochester’s Department of Neighborhood and Business Development (NBD) has begun using a 4-step planning process for the development of revitalization plans for the City’s neighborhood commercial areas. The simple yet comprehensive community planning approach includes extensive community and stakeholder participation, the development of a vision, an economic overview, a community design plan, and an action/implementation strategy. The process is flexible, community-based, and action oriented. A modified version of the 4-step process was used to develop the Portland Avenue Revitalization Plan. This project is an outcome of each of the four planning steps. 

The planning area encompasses the Portland Ave corridor from Norton St at the north and Lux St at the south (as shown on the map below). The Portland Ave Revitalization Project includes primarily commercial and mixed-use buildings with some single-family and multi-family residential buildings. Although this is the primary study area, discussion with the Committee and the community extended beyond this area and included the surrounding residential streets and parts of Portland Ave south of Lux St. 

Phases of Design and Public Interaction

KCI Engineering of New York will progress through several phases of design of which will also be reviewed closely with the Portland Avenue Steering Committee and the community affected by the project at the scheduled public meetings.  The design phases and planned steering and public meetings are as follows:

  • Preliminary Investigation Phase
    • Steering Committee Meeting No. 1 - review of conceptual ideas and input gathering
    • Meeting Minutes 
  • Preliminary Design (35%)
    • Steering Committee Meeting No. 2 – review preliminary plans to create a solid foundation moving forward in design
    • Meeting Minutes  
    • Public Meeting No. 1– incorporates any changes from the Steering Committee meeting and review with the public preliminary plans and any other revisions needed to move forward to final design
  • Final Design & Contract Documents (90%)
    • Steering Committee Meeting No. 3 – review near final plans to confirm all enhancements are implemented on the plans
    • Public Meeting No. 2 – incorporates any changes from the Steering Committee meeting and addresses the public with the plan we will construct ascertaining all comments/concerns are addressed
  • Bidding Phase
  • Construction Phase

Project Documents

  • Portland Ave Revitalization Plan 
  • Steering Committee Meeting Minutes (8/20/13)- The Consultant team along with City of Rochester Street Design staff and County Department of Transportation staff met for the first time with the Portland Avenue Steering Committee to discuss conceptual ideas and gather information from the Steering Committee that will aid in developing preliminary design plans. This is the first meeting of a few that the City will have with the Portland Avenue Steering Committee.
  • Steering Committee Meeting Minutes (12/17/13) - The purpose of this meeting with the Portland Avenue Revitalization Steering Committee was to present the project design at the 35% Preliminary Design stage.

Project Schedule

  • Consultant Selection Spring - 2013
  • Preliminary Investigation Phase - Spring/Summer 2013
  • Preliminary Design Phase - Summer/Fall 2013
  • Final Design & Contracts Documents Phase - Winter 2013
  • Bidding Phase - Winter 2014
  • Construction Phase - Spring 2014
  • Substantially Complete - Fall/Winter 2014


If you have questions or need additional information, contact the City's Project Manager, Ms. Lisa Reyes at (585) 428-6354 or email her.

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