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City of Rochester

Residential Milling and Resurfacing Program 2013-14

Project Description 

The City of Rochester’s annual milling and resurfacing program addresses streets that are in need of attention and extends the life of the street by replacing the pavement’s surface. The City is using project acceleration funds to mill and resurface clusters of residential streets based on need and the potential to coordinate with utility construction projects.

Streets scheduled for milling and resurfacing will include repairing the existing pavement base, resurfacing of some adjacent driveway aprons to meet new street pavement grades, adjusting water valves and manholes, repairing curbs, gutters and sidewalks as needed, and installing truncated domes at the handicap ramps. 

The first contract in this series will address 19 residential streets and one collector street, in the 14621 neighborhood north of Norton Street.

Project Timeline

The project will begin in the fall of 2013 and is scheduled to be substantially completed by early summer of 2014. 

Streets to be Milled and Resurfaced


 Street   Limits: From   To
Carter Street Rochester General Hospital  City Line
Requa Street   West End   Hollenbeck Street  
Sunshine Street  West End  N Clinton Avenue 
Strong Street  St. Paul Street  Hollenbeck Street 
Teralta Street  Norton Street  Strong Street 
Arthur Street  West End  N Clinton Ave
Nye Park Norton Street Strong Street
Bremen Street  Norton Street  Nester Street  
Dunn Street  Bremen Street   Hudson Avenue 
Roser Street  Nester Street  North End 
Cynthia Lane  Sandra Lane  North End 
Sandra Lane  West End  Branch Street 
Branch Street  Norton Street  North End 
Shelmont Drive  Portland Avenue  City Line 
Bachman Road  Portland Avenue  City Line 
Marburger Street  South End  300' South of East Ridge Road   
Seneca Manor Drive    Seneca Avenue  Hudson Avenue 
Brambury Drive  City Line  Carter Street 
Northaven Terrace  East Ridge Road  North End 
Long Acre Road  St. Paul Street  Seneca Avenue 
Hargrave Street  Norton Street  Versailles Road 

 A decorative crosswalk Decorative Crosswalk Replacement

The appearance of some decorative crosswalks in the city have deteriorated and will be replaced with new decorative pavement pattern crosswalks at locations throughout the city.   

Crosswalk Locations   

Street  Intersection  
Atkinson Street  Eagle Street 
Atkinson Street  Greenwood Street 
Atkinson Street   S. Washington Street  
Atlantic Avenue   Culver Road 
Atlantic Avenue  Winton Road 
Atlantic Avenue  West of Akron Street  
Broad Street  Smith Street 
Clarissa Street  Greig Street 
Frederick Douglass Street    Adams Street 
South Avenue  Gregory Street 
Troup Street  Greenwood Street 
Troup Street  S. Washington Street 
University Avenue  Merriman Street 


Please contact the City Project Manager, Mr. Willy Larsen, at 428-7099 or email him 

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