New Photo Enforced Intersection to Go Live Friday

City of Rochester

News Release

(Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013) – A new camera-equipped intersection will go live on Friday, Sept. 13, at 6 a.m. as part of Rochester’s Red Light Photographic Enforcement Program. The intersection is at Mt. Hope Avenue and Elmwood Avenue.

Rochester plans to use Photo Enforcement at as many as 50 intersections as part of an ongoing effort to improve public safety by reducing traffic accidents. Intersections are selected based on crash data and video surveys. The launch will bring the total inventory to 32 intersections.

The red light cameras capture still and video images of vehicles in the act of a red-light violation, which initiates the procedure to deliver a Notice of Liability to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The violation is a civil penalty and is not reported to insurance companies and does not generate points on a driver’s license.

Evidence captured by the Red Light Cameras is reviewed by the Rochester Police Department before a summons is delivered in the mail. Vehicle owners will have an opportunity to pay a fine or appeal the summons. The penalty carries a $50 fine.

The Notice of Liability includes the time and date of the alleged violation, two pictures of the vehicle in the act of the alleged violation and a close-up picture of the vehicle’s license plate. No images of the driver are captured. The citation recipient will be given instructions to view an online video of the alleged violation.

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The new intersection joins those at:
• Alexander Street and University Avenue;
• Court Street and Chestnut Streets;
• East Main and North Goodman Streets;
• Monroe Avenue and Alexander Street;
• North Goodman Street and Clifford Avenue;
• South Goodman Street and Interstate 490;
• State Street and Allen Street;
• West Avenue and Ames Street;
• West Main Street and Brown/Genesee Streets;
• 691 St. Paul Street at the pedestrian crossing;
• North Clinton Avenue and Andrews Street;
• +North Clinton Avenue and Norton Street;
• North Street at Clifford Avenue;
• Broadway Street at Alexander Street;
• State Street at Jay Street;
• East Avenue and Culver Road;
• Dewey Avenue and Ridgeway Avenue;
• St. Paul Street and Upper Falls Boulevard;
• Brown Street and Broad Street;
• Lyell Avenue and Murray Street;
• Maple Street and Saxton Street;
• West Main Street and Broad/Ford Streets;
• Ridge Road and Ridgway Avenue;
• Lake Avenue and Ridge Road;
• Norton Street and Hudson Avenue;
• Lake Avenue and Ridgeway Avenue;
• Lake Avenue and Driving Park Avenue;
• West Ridge Road and Bonesteel Street;
• Mt. Read Boulevard and Lyell Avenue;
• Mt. Read Boulevard and Driving Park Avenue;
• Mt. Read Boulevard and Emerson Street.


News Media: For more information, contact Rochester Police Sgt. Elena Correia at 428-1274.


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