Street Resurfacing Program 2014

Road construction crewProject Description

The City of Rochester's annual milling and resurfacing program addresses streets that are in need of attention. This program extends the life of the street by replacing the pavement's surface.

Streets scheduled for milling and resurfacing will include repairing the existing pavement base, resurfacing of adjacent driveways to meet new street pavement grades, adjustments of water valves, resetting or installing new granite or medina stone to repair existing curbs along with sidewalk replacement where disturbed by curb repairs, installation of truncated domes at the handicap ramps, and the installation of pavement markings. 

Additional milling and resurfacing work will be done in the City as part of other contracts. 

Project Documents

 Project Timeline

Construction in the fall of 2014, additional signs and pavement markings to be completed in the spring of 2015.

Streets to be Milled and Resurfaced  

 Street   Limits 
 Allen St  Montgomery Al to State St
 Andrews St  State St to N Water St
 Andrews St  N Clinton Ave to N Chestnut St
 Broadway  Lawn St to East Ave
 N Chestnut St  E Main St to Andrews St
 North St  Andrews St to Delevan St
 Church St  N Plymouth Ave to State St
 Court St  South Ave to Chestnut St
 Fitzhugh St  Parking Garage to W Main St
 Irving Pl  W Broad St to W Main St
 Pindle Al      Church St to Allen St
 Montgomery Al  Church St to Allen St
 W Main St  W Broad St to N Plymouth Ave
 S Plymouth Ave  Exchange Blvd to Troup St
 Spring St  S Plymouth Ave to Goldsmith Pl
 Goldsmith Pl  Spring St to W Broad St
 School Al  W Main St to W Broad St
 S Washington St  Spring St to W Main St
 Woodbury Blvd  South Ave to N Chestnut St

 Additionally, bicycle pavement markings will be added to several city streets:

Street   Limits 
 Atlantic Ave  Crouch St to Culver Rd
 Brooks Ave  City Line to Genesee Park Bvld 
 Franklin St  Franklin Ct to Andrews St 
 East Henrietta Rd  South Ave to Mt Hope
 Mt Hope Ave  Hickory St to Alexander St
 N Chestnut St  East Ave to E Main St
 Joseph Ave  Upper Falls Blvd to Clifford Ave


Call the City's project manager, Mr. Willy Larsen, at (585) 428-7099, or email him.