News Release - Cobbs Hill Reservoir Being Drained for Maintenance and Repairs

City of Rochester

News Release

(Thursday, May 29, 2014) – Draining of the Cobbs Hill Reservoir has begun for a Rochester Water Bureau maintenance project set for this June. Work on the reservoir will continue through the summer until the December 2014 anticipated completion date, at which time the reservoir will be refilled.

The main components of the Cobbs Hill Reservoir Structural & Mechanical Improvement project include concrete repairs, joint sealant and crack repairs and fountain maintenance. Concrete repairs are needed for the Upper Gate House Portico floor, pipe gallery, screening wells and the top surface of the perimeter walls. The top surface of these walls will also undergo joint sealant and crack repairs as will the reservoir fountain. The fountain requires the installation of a new control valve and the replacement of a portion of a failing inlet pipe.  Other work includes the installation of a new gas furnace and electrical improvements in the Upper Gate House.

City Water Bureau customers will not be affected by the reservoir’s temporary removal from the system. This 140 million-gallon reservoir is one of the City’s three reservoirs that draw from Canadice and Hemlock Lakes to the south and was last drained for repairs in 2009.


News Media: For more information, contact Communications Director Christine Christopher at 428-7135. 


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