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Voice of the Citizen Public Safety through Community Engagement


Southeast Quadrant Voice of the Citizen: Public Safety through Community Engagement


The Voice of the Citizen (VOC) initiative looks for creative community-centered solutions to major public safety concerns. Each quadrant was allocated $50,000 to design and implement an innovative solution to one of these problems. Residents of the Southeast voted in December on a proposal to be funded. The final proposal chosen by the Southeast Quadrant was Improving Public Safety through Neighborhood Involvement.

The project empowers neighbors to work together to improve traffic safety in our area. This will be done through a range of creative and fun ways; from BoulevART, a project in which the community paints murals on our streets to slow down speeding drivers, to neighborhood beautification. VOC builds a stronger community by both working with existing block clubs and creating new ones.

Traffic Calming BoulevART-Photo

The Traffic Calming initiative combines neighborhood traffic calming with community building. Our block clubs will come together to hold community events to educate neighborhood residents and drivers about traffic safety issues. Traffic calming activities will include: 

  • Cones placed in areas of residential roads to temporarily slow traffic.
  • Posting portable radar traffic monitors in high traffic neighborhoods.
  • BoulevART: painted murals on residential streets. 

Neighborhood Enhancement

The Neighborhood Enhancement component of VOC center on bringing neighbors together to foster a sense of community. Our goal is to enhave existing block clubs and establish new ones.

  • Permits for Block Clubs: A $75 grant is available for each neighborhood group that applies to host a block event that fosters community engagement while working to improve traffic safety.
  • Beautification Fund: Each neighborhood group can apply for a $300 grant to implement a beautification project. The project must enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area while also promoting traffic safety.

Qualifications for Funding

Permits for Block Events: City funds for Block Events do not exceed $75.00. Upon completion of the event, all receipts should be submitted to the Southeast Neighborhood Service Center (SENSC).Traffic-Photo 

  • All block events eligible for funding must be centered around increasing community engagement with a focus on promoting traffic calming, public safety, or crime prevention.
  • A list of City of Rochester fees for Block Events is available online. Physical copies are also available at SENSC.

Beautification: City funds for community beautification do not exceed $300.00. Upon completion of the project, all receipts should be submitted to the SENSC within 30 days of fund distribution. All Beautification projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Involve a planning committee of neighborhood residents.
  • Address traffic calming or public safety issues while improving the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood.

How to Apply

Please print and fill out the Application form below. Be sure to indicate whether you are applying for the Beautification Fund or the Block Club Grant.

Physical copies of the Application and Informational Brochure are available at the Southeast Neighborhood Service Center (SENSC) at the address below.

Completed forms and all additional paperwork can be submitted to the front desk at the SENSC.

Upon completion of the project or event please fill out and submit the following Feedback Form along with all original copies of purchase receipts to SENSC.

Contact Information

Southeast Neighborhood Service Center
320 N Goodman St - Suite 209
Rochester, New York 14607
(585) 428-7640

Questions or Concerns

Call the Service Center at (585) 428-7640 or email Pricen@CityofRochester.gov  
Funding for the VOC is provided by the City of Rochester.

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