Residential Sidewalk Curb Ramps Project 2014

About the Project

The 2014 Residential Sidewalk Curb Ramps Project will make the Lattimore Road and Kendrick Road portion of the Upper Mount Hope Neighborhood more accessible to all citizens by installing sidewalk access ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The project will include the replacement of hazardous sidewalks in select locations along portions of Castleman Road and Westmoreland Drive. 

Additional construction associated with the curb ramps and sidewalk work includes catch basin upgrades, adjustment of underground utilities as needed and lawn restoration.  


Sidewalk access ramps:

  • Kendrick Road (Westmoreland Drive to Lattimore Road)
  • Castleman Road (Edgemont Road to Raleigh Street)
  • Eastmoreland Drive (Westmoreland Drive to Lattimore Road)
  • Norfolk Street (Shelbourne Road to Raleigh Street)
  • Fort Hill Terrace (Westview Terrace to South Avenue)
  • Rosemount Street (at South Avenue)
  • Warren Street (at South Avenue)
  • Boothe Street (at South Avenue)
  • Science Parkway (at South Avenue)
  • Raleigh Street (Castleman Road to Norfolk Street)
  • Rossiter Road (Castleman Road to Norfolk Street)
  • Irvington Street (Castleman Road to Norfolk Street)
  • Lattimore Road (Kendrick Road to Norfolk Street)
  • Stanford Street (Castleman Road to Eastmoreland Drive)
  • Shelbourne Road (Castleman Road to Norfolk Street)
  • Elmerston Road (Castleman Road to Eastmoreland Drive)
  • Edgemont Road (Castleman Road to Eastmoreland Drive)

Hazardous sidewalk repair/replacement:

  • Castleman Road from Edgemont Road to Lattimore Road (eastside only); and
  • Westmoreland Drive from Edgemont Road to 110 Westmoreland Drive (northside only)


Construction is scheduled for summer and fall of 2014


This project is City-funded.

Project Documents


If you have questions or just need additional information, contact the City’s Project Manager, Ms. Kimberly Batz, at 428-6284 or email her