Flower City AmeriCorps


Flower City AmeriCorps is Helping the Flower City Bloom

Flower City AmeriCorps was born out of the Governor's Anti- Poverty task force that focuses on economic opportunity, education and, healthy futures. This AmeriCorps program is a partnership between the City of Rochester Department of Recreations and Youth Services (DRYS), the Rochester Public Library (RPL), and community agencies whose focus is on anti- poverty services in Rochester.

Member Experience

Serving target city neighborhoods, members work in quadrant-based teams working on employment readiness and job placement, early childhood literacy and numeracy (math), positive youth development, health education, food justice and hunger prevention, financial literacy, and housing services, among other opportunities to serve the community. Our goal is to address most or all of the needs of families and individuals to help give a stepping stone out of poverty.

Each quadrant will have a team leader, who will be identified by program staff and will be an AmeriCorps alum or a military veteran. Team leaders play a role in mentoring the AmeriCorps members on their team while working closely with  Flower City AmeriCorps program staff.

Members also come together throughout the year for member development days, where we focus on reflective learning, team building, group service projects, and professional development.

What's in it for You?

Serving AmeriCorps has many benefits for members. Not only will you experience a huge sense of pride and satisfaction by serving your community and being a part of a team, you will receive hands-on professional experience that will translate well into employment settings. Members also receive a living allowance, health care benefits and child care benefits if needed, transportation support, and an education award. The education award can be used toward existing student loans or future tuition and school attendance costs, but must be used within seven (7 ) years of the end or term of AmeriCorps services. If a member is over the age of 55, the education award can be transferred to a child or grandchild to be used within seven (7) years.

Have a Flower City AmeriCorps Service Opportunity?

If you are a part of an organization that serves the Rochester community and have service opportunity for Flower City AmeriCorps members to help with your program or community event, please contact Brandi Remington, Flower City Member Development Specialist at 585-428-9342 or brandi.remington@cityofrochester.gov  

Annual Reports

2015-2016 Flower City AmeriCorps Annual Report

2016-2017 Flower City AmeriCorps Annual Report

Contact Us

Brandi Remington: (585)-428-9342 or brandi.remington@cityofrochester.gov  

The Corporation for National and Community Service Helpdesk: 1-800-942-2677