Residential Resurfacing Program 2016 Phase 1

Project Description

The City of Rochester's annual milling and resurfacing program addresses streets that are in need of attention. This program extends the life of the street by replacing the pavement's surface.

Road construction crewStreets scheduled for milling and resurfacing will include repairing the existing pavement base, resetting or installing new granite or medina stone to repair existing curbs along with spot sidewalk replacement, installation of truncated domes at the handicap ramps, and the installation of pavement markings.  Additional adjustments may be made to manhole covers, water valves, gas values and storm sewer catch basins. Adjusting will be made as needed to adjacent driveways aprons to meet new street pavement grades.

Additional milling and resurfacing work will be done in the City as part of other contracts.


  • Project Plans 1 of 2 
  • Project Plans 2 of 2 

Project Timeline

Construction is anticipated in the summer of 2016 through spring of 2017.

Streets to be Milled and Resurfaced: 



Limits Notes
Bartlett St S Plymouth Ave to Epworth St Bike Blvd
Boswell St East End to Child St  
Cairn St West Ave to Chili Ave  
Campbell St Child St to Ames St New Bike Lane
Cedar St Wilder St to Maple St  
Centennial St Wilder St to Maple St  
Claybrook St Clifford Ave to Fernwood Pk  
Deerfield Dr Empire Blvd to City Line  
Earl St Jefferson Ave to Genesee St  
Frost Ave Olean St to Jefferson Ave Bike Blvd - Epworth St to Rugby Ave      
Frost Ave    Genesee St to Warwick Ave Bike Blvd - Epworth St to Rugby Ave
Greenlane Dr  Clifford Ave to Municipal Dr    
Harding Rd  Burly Rd to Lake Ave   Previously scheduled for 2015    
Harlow Pk  North End to Columbia St    
Independence St     Maple St to South End  
King St Brown St to W Main St  
Lehigh Ave Thurston Rd to Genesee Park Blvd        
Luther Cir East End to S Plymouth Ave  
Lyceum St Clifford Ave to Northland Ave New Bike Lane
Magnolia St Cottage St to Seward St  
Magnolia St Seward St to Genesee St  
Mc Guckin St East End to Independence St  
Meredith St Woodman Pk to Culver Rd  
Municipal Dr Greenlane Dr to Fernwood Pk  
Mt Read Blvd Buffalo Rd to South End  
Olean St Dr Samuel McCree Way to Bartlett St       
Revella St Clifford Ave to Fernwood Pk  
Ruff Al Reynolds St to Epworth St  
Rugby Ave Chili Ave to Arnett Blvd Bike Blvd
Sawyer St Elgin St to Genesee St  
Seward St Columbia Ave to Hawley St  
Shelter St Jefferson Ave to Genesee St  
Walbar St Clifford Ave to Fernwood Pk  
Warwick Ave Chili Ave to Arnett Blvd  
Whittlesey St Olean St to Jefferson Ave  
Pinecliff Dr Municipal Dr to Fernwood Pk  


Bike Blvd

This project will also establish portions of two Bicycle Boulevard priority routes. 

  • Priority Route 8b - between the intersections of Colvin St and Campbell St, and Frost Ave and Rugby Ave.
  • Priority Route 10a & 10b - between the intersection of Frost Ave and Rugby Ave, and the Violetta St trail head to the Genesee Riverway Trail.
  • Recommended Route 17c, 17d &17e - Between the intersections of Lyceum St and Waring Rd, and Pershing Dr and Bay St. 
  • speed humps will be installed on:
    • Rugby St
    • Frost Ave
    • Bartlett St

A Bicycle Boulevard provides a recommended alternative route for bicycles, way finding sings, pavement symbols, and sometimes traffic calming features will accompany the Bike Boulevard. These routes were recommended through the Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan. Traffic calming features will be considered along these routes, but not all of the recommendations mapped out in Bicycle Boulevards Master Plan will be implemented.   



Call the City's project manager, Mr. Jason Nabewaniec, at (585) 428-8858, or email him.