RFP - Erie Harbor Enhancements Phase II

About the Project

The City of Rochester seeks proposals for the design of enhancements of Genesee Gateway Park and the Genesee Riverway Trail at Erie Harbor along the Genesee River. The project will be the culmination of a coordinated City/State/Private initiative to revitalize the east side of the Genesee River between I-490 and Ford St. which resulted in the rehabilitation of the East River Wall (1999), the redevelopment of the Erie Harbor Apartments (2010) and Phase I of the Erie Harbor Enhancements Project (2014). It will include the rehabilitation of Genesee Gateway Park and that part of the Genesee Riverway Trail within the project area, which was disturbed by site remediation and/or adjacent construction or has deteriorated over time.

The project area serves one of the busiest part of the Genesee Riverway Trail, connecting Downtown Rochester and the University of Rochester, and is highly visible from major arterials. The outcome of the project will be construction of park improvements to enhance the scenic quality of the waterfront and better serve the increasing demand for access and use of the area. The project will include design of park landscape improvements, including walkways, walls, landform, plantings, furnishings, wayfinding signage, recreational amenities, and trail and river railing rehabilitation.

The project site includes areas disturbed by site remediation, areas clear cut to accommodate adjacent construction, remnant park features from the 1970s in deteriorated condition, discontinuous walks, a substandard play structure, a basketball court and rusted river rail.

In light of the intensive and increasing use of the Genesee Riverway Trail, the exceptional scenic quality of the waterfront, the success of the new mixed income housing and associated streetscape and landscape improvements from phase one of the project, the condition of the parkland has become a blighting influence. Redesign of the function and character of the site is needed to complete the major revitalization effort of the area, meet the current needs of neighborhood and city-wide users, and serve as a scenic asset, consistent with its setting on the waterfront.

This project is funded in part by a grant through the New York State Department of State with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

Request for Proposals

Additional Information  

Due to the recent wind and snow storms the due date for proposals is being extended by one week. Please submit four (4) copies of the proposal no later than Friday, March 24th, 2017, before 4:00 P.M. Proposals received after the due date and time shall be rejected.  Proposals should be addressed to:

Jeff Mroczek, R.L.A.
Senior Landscape Architect
City of Rochester
Bureau of Architecture & Engineering
30 Church Street, Room 300B
Rochester, NY 14614 


All correspondence, comments and questions shall be directed to Jeff Mroczek at jeff.mroczek@cityofrochester.gov no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, March 6, 2017. The City’s response to all queries shall be provided to all parties who request to be included by mail, phone or email. There will be no pre-proposal meeting held for this project.