RFP - Elevator Inspection Service

Elevator Inspection Services

The City of Rochester requests proposals from qualified elevator inspection companies to perform the necessary inspections, testing and investigation of complaints of the garage conveyances and to be capable of performing all of the associated work listed below in the event it becomes necessary.

The City of Rochester reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all part(s) of a proposal, and to waive any specifications or requirements at the sole discretion of the City of Rochester. Although cost will be a factor in the award of the contract, the award will be made to the Provider whose overall proposal best serves the interest of the City of Rochester. The City reserves the right to amend this RFP upon notification to all potential Providers.

The Provider(s) shall, be required to provide the following services:

1. The Provider shall perform, upon request, inspections of existing City of Rochester conveyances, including routine, periodic and acceptance inspections and tests, upon the request of the Commissioner of Neighborhood and Business Development, hereinafter the “Commissioner”. The Provider shall submit electronically or make available a written report on the results of such inspections within seven (7) days of the inspection. The report shall certify to the continued operation of the conveyance, or itemize the existing violations, citing the appropriate sections of Chapter 50 of the Rochester Code and/or the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

2. The Provider shall perform, upon request, review of applications for a building permit along with accompanying plans and specifications and inspections for the installation or alteration of a conveyance on an as needed basis, which shall be performed in accordance with the code of the City of Rochester and the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

3. The Provider shall perform, upon request by the City of Rochester, investigations of complaints of improper maintenance within twenty four (24) hours of the request.

4. The Provider shall perform, upon request by the City of Rochester, the decommissioning of conveyances when ordered by the Commissioner.

5. Fees and charges required for inspection, certification, or plan review of new or altered conveyances requiring a permit, and fees and charges required for the inspections certification of existing conveyances, covered by this Proposal shall be set forth in the proposal on page #7. The fees shall be paid directly to the Provider by the applicant.

The Provider must provide:

1. Proof that the company has been legally engaged, for a minimum of 10 years, in the active practice of providing plan review, certification and inspection services related to elevators, escalators, and other carriers or conveyances. The Provider shall clearly demonstrate that it has the necessary personnel and expertise to perform the work outlined in the preceding sections and subsections.

2. Inspection and test reports to the City of Rochester’s Department of Neighborhood and Business Development in an electronic format within seven (7) days of performing the inspection or test.

3. Except as otherwise specified, supply all equipment, materials and supplies required to perform the services described above shall be furnished by the Provider with the exception of certification forms which shall be provided by the City of Rochester.

View the Request for Proposal here  

Submissions & Additional Information/Questions

Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 P.M. on Friday, March 24, 2017. There will not be a pre-proposal meeting of interested Providers.

Five (5) printed copies must be delivered by the deadline to:

Neighborhood & Business Development
Bureau of Inspection & Compliance Services
Attention:  Kurt Martin
30 Church Street - Room 028B
Rochester, New York 14614

Submission of Written Questions
Potential providers may submit written questions as to the intent or clarity of this RFP until close of business on Friday, March 17, 2017.
All written questions should be e-mailed to Kurt Martin at Kurt.Martin@cityofRochester.gov 

Response to Written Questions
Responses to written questions will be distributed by e-mail to all potential Providers who have provided an e-mail address to the City on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

Summary of Questions/Responses  


Page #7, 2. b Refers to: Inspections for newly installed conveyances. 

Is it a periodic/routine inspection or an acceptance inspection & test? 


All newly installed conveyances are  required to have a final inspection and acceptance test in accordance with the permit requirements.