RFP - Scottsville Road and Elmwood Avenue

ArticleII_IndexThe City of Rochester, through its Architecture and Engineering Bureau, invites you to submit a proposal for design of the Scottsville Road and Elmwood Avenue project.

Your proposal should furnish the following information:

  1. Project team with resumes of key personnel.
  2. Company and personnel background and experience with similar work
  3. A discussion of your project team’s approach, familiarity and understanding of the referenced project.
  4. Staff salaries and a statement of commitment by the prime consultant to comply with the City’s Living Wage Ordinance.
  5. Staffing levels during the project. This should be presented as a staff hour and fee estimate per phase of the project.
  6. A project design schedule assuming a notice to proceed in January 2018 with PS&E due by February 28, 2019.
  7. Basic Services Fee. The not to exceed fee should be presented on a "cost times multiplier" basis with the proposed multiplier indicated.
  8. Estimated direct expenses by specific item, each item presented as a not to exceed fee. Direct reimbursable expenses for this contract may include copying (for submission packages only), sub consultants, and explorations and testing of rock, pavement and soil. There will be no profit mark up on direct expenses.
  9. A map of the project illustrating the limits of work.

Project Documents

M/WBE Requirements

The City of Rochester has Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (M/WBE) goals for professional services. The established goals for architectural and engineering services are:

African American 2.1%      Hispanic 0.6%      Women 3.5%

While you are not required to strictly meet each of the above goals you are encouraged to meet the M/WBE policy goals. Participation in one or more of the goals will be acceptable. They require a good faith effort to solicit and utilize interested, eligible firms in providing design services.

Levels of M/WBE goal achievement will be evaluated as part of the consultant selection process. We will evaluate the qualifications and structure of the proposed project team. Your proposal should furnish the information listed in item numbers 1,2,4,5 & 7 for any M/WBE or any other sub consultant firms that you plan to utilize.

Living Wage Requirements

Article II, Section 2.304, Living Wage Requirements, of the agreement requires the Consultant to comply with Section 8A-18 of the Rochester Municipal Code, "Rochester Living Wage Ordinance," which requires covered employers and any covered sub consultants and subcontractors to pay covered employees a Living Wage.

An informational meeting for this project will be held at 2:00 p.m., Thursday, September 21, 2017 in Room 8A, City Hall.

Please submit three copies of your proposal no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 29, 2017.

Questions regarding the proposals may be directed to:

Donna Clements, P.E.
Project Manager