Contracts, Bids and RFPs

The City of Rochester procures goods and services through two different processes, depending upon legal requirements. Procurement requiring competitive bidding, such as for commodities and public works contracts, are administered by the Bureau of Purchasing. Procurement of professional services, such as engineering and design services, is through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process administered by various operating departments.

Competitive Bidding Process

The City of Rochester purchases goods and services by soliciting competitive bids through formal advertisements and/or requests for quotations (RFQ). Registered vendors can be solicited to submit quotes for products and/or services required by the City. However, those products and/or services requiring formal advertised bids do not require that the business be registered as a vendor with the City. The bid(s) are awarded to the bidder(s) who submits the lowest price; is responsive (offers what the City wants to purchase); and is responsible (has the resources-experience, finances, stock, etc., to be able to perform the contract and has a satisfactory record of completing contracts).

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Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

Professional service agreements are contracted for services provided by individuals or organizations that have special licenses, technical skills, training or expertise, and where the nature of the services provided are difficult to specify in a competitive bidding document. When a professional service agreement is needed, the City department requiring the services will issue an RFP, review proposals, and recommended a selection to the Mayor. City Council approval is required for agreements over $10,000. Professional service agreements are not administered by the City’s Purchasing Bureau.

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