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City of Rochester

Center City Master Plan Draft

Draft 2014 Center City Master Plan

Entire Plan (Volume 1) 

Plan Sections

Cover (Volume 1) 

Intro, Table of Contents (Volume 1) 

Principles (Volume 1) 

Actions (Volume 1) 


All of these maps are included in the plan document, but some people may wish to just download individual maps.

Map 0.1: Introduction, 9 County Region

Map 1.0: Genesee River Waterfront within Center City

Map 2.0: Main Street Corridor within Center City

Map 3.0: Heritage - Preservation Districts, Designated Buildings of Historic Value (DBHV) within Center City, and Heritage Trail

Map 4.0: Public Spaces - Parks, public right of ways (streets and sidewalks) and trails

Map 5.0: Mobility and Transportation - Pedestrians and Bikes

Map 5.1: Mobility and Transportation - Transit

Map 5.2: Mobility and Transportation; Vehicles

Map 6.0: Places and Neighborhoods - Districts, Gateways, and Key Intersections

7.0: Arts and Culture - No Map

Map 8.0: Living - Residential Developments

Map 9.0: Working - Regional Employment Centers

Map 10.0: Retail - Priority retail area within Center City

Map 11.0: Visiting - Hotels, convention center, arena, stadium, cultural assets

Map 12.0: Reconnecting - Barriers and Gaps in urban fabric (Surface Parking)

Contact Information

centercity@cityofrochester gov 


Center City Master Plan 

Attn: Jason Haremza 

City Hall Room 125B 

30 Church Street, Rochester, NY 14614 


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