Public Works Construction Details

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R206-1  7/31/12 Trench Restoration Asphalt Base 
R206-2   2/8/13  Trench Restoration Concrete Base 
S206-3     6/6/14 Trench and backfill Limit Lines for Catch Basins       
R400-1   7/31/12  Asphalt Pavement Section with Curb 
R400-2  7/31/12 Asphalt Pavement Section with Concrete Gutter
R400-3  7/31/12 Depressed Paving at Catch Basin
S400-5  7/31/12 Asphalt Pavement Section with Concrete Curb
S406-1  7/31/12 Pavement Key
R412-1  7/31/12 Temporary Pavement
S413-1  12/1/15 Speed Hump
S413-2  7/19/11 Speed Hump Sections - Reconstruction
S413-3  7/19/11 Speed Hump Sections - Retrofit
S413-4  12/1/15 Speed Hump Signage
S414-1  12/1/15 Raised Crosswalk
S414-2  7/19/11 Raised Crosswalk Sections - Reconstruction
S414-3  7/19/11 Raised Crosswalk Sections - Retrofit
S414-4  7/19/11 Raised Crosswalk Permanent Signage
S415-1  12/1/15  Tabled Intersection  
S415-2  7/19/11  Tabled Intersection Sections - Reconstruction 
S415-3  7/19/11 Tabled Intersection Sections - Retrofit 
S415-4  12/1/15  Tabled Intersection Permanent Signage  
S506-3  7/31/12 Concrete Street Paver Crosswalk
S506-4  7/31/12 Concrete Street Paver Crosswalk Sections
S561-1  5/31/12 Medina/Granite Stone Wall
S563-1  9/30/98 Commercial Handrail
R590-1  12/1/93 Window Well
R592-1  2/15/00 Areaway Abandonment Outside
R592-2  2/15/00 Areaway Abandonment Outside
R592-3  2/15/00 Areaway Abandonment Inside
R592-4  2/15/00 Areaway Abandonment Inside
S594-1  11/5/96 Sidewalk Grate
S605-3  6/21/11 Underdrain Installation at Existing Curb
S607-1     8/15/14 Vehicle Barrier Gate
R608-1  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type A
R608-2  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type B
R608-3  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type C
R608-4  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type D
R608-5  7/31/12 Driveway Apron
R608-6  7/1/17 Concrete Sidewalk and Driveway
R608-7  7/1/17 Asphalt Driveway
R608-8  7/1/17 Brick 
R608-9  7/1/17 Stone Paver
R608-10  7/1/17 Salvaged Stone Paver Inventory Sheet
S608-13  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type E
S608-14  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type F
S608-15  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type G
S608-16  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type H
S608-17  7/1/17 Depressed Sidewalk at Driveway
S608-18  7/1/17 Sidewalk and Curb - at Grade Railroad Crossing
S608-19  7/1/17 Bus Stop Landing Pad
S608-20  7/1/17 Brick Border - Bus Stop Landing Pad
S608-21  7/1/17 Depressed Sidewalk and Driveway - Minimal Lawn Area
S608-22  7/1/17 Depressed Sideway and Driveway - Attached Sidewalk
S608-23  7/1/17   Driveway Apron with Flare 
S608-24  7/1/17  Commercial Driveway Apron for Oversized Vehicles 
S608-25  7/1/17  Heavy-Duty Commercial Concrete Driveway 
S608-27   7/1/17  Radius Curbed Driveway Apron 
 S608-28  7/1/17  Detectable Warning System at Curb 
 S608-29   7/1/17 Detectable Warning System at Concrete Gutter
S608-30  7/1/17 Layout of Multiple Sidewalk Access Ramps at Radius
S608-31  7/1/17 Typical Layout of Sidewalk at Intersection
S608-32  7/1/17 Sidewalk Jog Around Existing Tree
S608-33  7/1/17 Sidewalk at Vertical Obstructions
 S608-34  7/1/17 Concrete Step at Sidewalk
 S608-35  7/1/17 Concrete Step at Building
S608-36  7/1/17 Right-In/Right-Out Driveway Opening with Curbed Island
S608-37  7/1/17 Right-In/Right-Out Driveway Opening with Concrete Island
S608-38  7/1/17 Sidewalk Access Ramp Type I
S608-39  7/1/17 Pervious Concrete Sidewalk and Driveway
S608-40  7/1/17 Sidewalk Drainage Channel
S608-41  7/1/17 Commercial Driveway Apron with Mountable curb
S608-42  7/1/17 Accessibility Guidelines
R609-1  12/1/15 Stone Curb
R609-2  12/1/15 Bridge Stone Curb
R609-3  12/1/15 Mountable Stone Curb
R609-5  12/30/11  Concrete Curb 
R609-6  12/30/11 Concrete Curb Replacement
R609-7  12/1/1/15  New Curb Transition to Existing Curb 
R609-8  12/30/11  Salvaged Curb Inventory Sheet
S609-9  12/1/15 Reshape Existing Curb
S609-10  12/1/15 New Curb at Unimproved Street
S609-11  2/25/14 Steel Curb at Stone Curb
S609-15  12/1/15  Stone Curb Transition to Mountable Curb
S609-16  12/1/15 Stone Curb Replacement - Asphalt Base
S609-17  12/1/15 Stone Curb Replacement - Concrete Base
S609-18  12/1/15 Stone Curb Replacement at Concrete Gutter - Asphalt Base
S609-19  12/1/15 Stone Curb Replacement at Concrete Gutter - Concrete Base
S609-20  12/1/15 Curb Bump-Out
S609-22  12/1/15 Stone Curb at Concrete Gutter
S609-23  12/1/15 Slotted Stone Curb
S624-4  12/1/15 Flared Concrete Gutter
R611-1  2/10/00 Tree Planting in Lawn Area 
R611-2  2/10/00 Tree Planting in Paved Area 
R611-3  2/10/00 Shrub Planting 
S611-4  6/25/07 Tree Pit in Paved Area
R615-1  7/31/12 Steel Bollard
R615-2  7/31/12   Pipe Bumper Rail 
R615-3  7/31/12   Timber Bollard 
R616-1  9/2/05   Tree Frame and Grate 
S617-1  7/1/93   Tree Protection 
S617-2  7/1/93  Utility Trench at Existing Tree 
R619-2  7/31/12 Temporary Walkway
R624-1  12/6/93 Concrete Gutter
R624-2  6/16/94 Concrete Gutter Replacement
R624-3  12/10/93 Concrete Gutter with Catch Basin
R626-1  10/21/03 Monuments
R626-2  10/21/03 Horizontal Control Monument Certification Card
R626-3  2/10/00 Vertical Control Monument Certification Card
S626-4  1/1/17 Brass Disc
S626-5  1/1/17 Brass Disc Over Subsurface Obstruction
S626-6  1/13/06 Reset/Replace Monument Frame and Cover
R643-1  7/31/12 Parking Meter Post
R643-2  3/3/15 Parking Meter Post Over Structure
R643-3  3/3/15 Sign Post Sleeve
S645-1  7/31/12  Business Sign 
S645-2  7/31/12 Business Sign
S646-1  7/31/12 Delineator
R653-1  9/2/91 Fire Alarm Pole Foundation
R671-1  4/28/06 Conduit Trench 
R671-2  4/28/06 Concrete Pullbox (24 inch)
R671-3   4/28/06 Concrete Pullbox (30 inch)
R671-4  4/28/06 Fiberglass Pullbox Installation
R671-5  4/28/06 Fiberglass Handhole Installation
R671-6  4/28/06 Metal Pole Foundation
R671-7  4/28/06 Metal Pole Foundation Extension Adjustment
R671-8  4/28/06 Fiberglass Pole Cast-In-Place Foundation
R671-9  4/28/06 Fiberglass Pole Precast Foundation
R671-10  4/28/06 Fiberglass Pole Foundation Extension Adjustment
R671-11  4/28/06 Davit Pole Single Arm
R671-13  4/28/06 Davit Pole Grounding
R671-15  4/28/06 Festoon Box
R671-16  4/28/06 Fiberglass Light Pole and Luminaire Installation
R671-17  4/28/06 Connection to Wood Pole
S671-18  4/28/06 Davit Pole Twin Arm
 S690-1    7/11/14 Cross-Walk Inlay Thermoplastic Pattern 1
 S690-2  7/11/14 Cross-Walk Inlay Thermoplastic Pattern 2
 S690-3  7/11/14 Cross-Walk Inlay Thermoplastic Pattern 3
S999-1  1/1/14 Raise Plow Road Plate Ahead Warning Sign
S999-2  1/1/14 Project Sign
S999-3  1/1/14 Project Sign 11 inch x 17 inch
S999-4  1/1/14 Inter-Governmental Project Sign

Sidewalk and Milling and Resurfacing Contracts Only

S502-1  6/30/12   Thin Portland Cement Concrete Wearing Surface Dimensions 
S502-2  6/30/12  Utility Fixture Isolation Thin Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 
S608-11   6/30/12  Driveway Restoration at New Sidewalk 
S608-12  6/30/12 Driveway Restoration at New Curb or Concrete Gutter
S608-26  6/30/12 Monolithic Sidewalk Access Ramp and Curb
S619-3  6/30/12   Maintenance and Protection of Traffic - MPT - 1 
S619-4  6/30/12  Maintenance and Protection of Traffic - MPT - 2
S619-5  6/30/12 Maintenance and Protection of Traffic - MPT - 3