Parking Meter Survey

The City of Rochester is demo'ing parking meters from two companies, each with slightly different features and each using a different phone payment app. Coins and credit cards are also available as payment options on these meters. Your experience with those new parking meters and/or phone apps is important to us . If you used one of these demo parking meters, please help us out by providing your feedback below by Dec. 8:

For more information about the City's On-Street Parking program and this trial of new meters, click here.

Where did you park?

How did you pay for parking? 

Were the instructions for setting the amount of time clear?
Were the instructions for making payment clear?
If you paid by phone, was the app easy to download and use?
If you paid by phone, did you use the function allowing you to add time to the meter remotely?

If you paid by phone, how do you feel the about the app's ease of use?


Would you use your phone to pay for parking again? 

Any other feedback you would like to provide about this parking meter experience?