399 Gregory Street Project

399 Gregory Street

Redevelopment Proposals

The City received proposals from three developer teams for the redevelopment of 399 Gregory Street.  At a community meeting held on Thursday, July 12, 2012, a request was made by the community for the proposing developer teams to post information regarding their proposals on the City’s web site for review.  As a result, each developer team has volunteered the following information regarding their respective proposal:

Providence Housing Proposal

John Trickey Proposal

Wedge Redux Proposal

Parking Study

In consideration of the redevelopment of 399 Gregory Street, a parking study was completed to assess the on-street parking conditions in the immediate area.  

The Parking Study can be downloaded here

Street Address: 399 Gregory Street
Project Type: TBD
Project Status: Proposed
Developer(s): TBD
Development Cost: TBD
City Investment: Sale of real estate
City Contact Name: Rick Rynski
City Contact Email: rynskir@cityofrochester.gov
City Contact Phone: 585-428-6932
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