Red Light Camera Traffic Safety Program


Mayor Warren Pulls Plug on Red Light Camera Program

 (Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016) – Mayor Lovely A. Warren today submitted legislation to City Council that would terminate the City’s Red Light Camera Traffic Safety Program. Legislation submitted to City Council today would bring an end to the Red Light Camera program effective Dec. 31 by terminating the City’s contract with the Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. City Council will consider the legislation at its regular monthly meeting on Dec. 20. Learn more ...

Red Light Cameras

The Rochester Police Department is using the latest technology to keep motorists and pedestrians safe.

As part of Rochester’s Red Light Photographic Enforcement Program, cameras have been installed at certain intersections to help enforce the vehicle and traffic law. The intersection locations were selected based upon accident data and video surveys conducted by Redflex Inc., the company that is managing the program for the City. 

The program began in October 2010. 

Effectiveness Evaluation 

A study conducted by an independent engineering and consulting firm has concluded that the Red Light Camera Traffic Safety Program is preventing accidents and keeping city intersections safe. The firm has recommended that the red light camera program continue.

How Red Light Traffic Safety Cameras Work

The cameras capture still and video images of vehicles in the act of a red-light violation, which initiates the procedure to deliver a Notice of Liability to the registered owner of the vehicle. The violation is a civil matter and will not be reported to insurance companies or generate points on a driver’s license.

Evidence captured by the Red Light Cameras is reviewed three times and approved by the Rochester Police Department before a Notice of Liability is delivered in the mail to the registered owner of the vehicle. The cameras operate 24 hours a day and capture still photographs and video of every vehicle that runs a red light at the intersection. Cameras photograph only the vehicle and license plate of vehicles running the red lights. No images of the driver or passengers are captured.

Vehicle owners are responsible for violations by operators of their vehicle. Vehicle owners will have an opportunity to appeal the Notice or pay the fine. The civil violation carries an initial $50 fine. If the initial fine is not paid within 30 days, an additional penalty of $25 will be assessed.
The registered owner who receives the notice has the following options to resolve the violation:  

  • Pay the fine either by mail (no cash please),  
  • In person at Parking Violations Bureau at 42 South Ave, or  
  • Pay online at  
  • Contest the violation in the Parking Violations Bureau. For information e-mail call (585) 428-7482 or (585) 428-7484.   

Violators may view a 12-second video clip provided by the vendor, Redflex, Inc. at

The City of Rochester has contracted with RedFlex to provide the Red Light Camera Enforcement Program. Redflex, Inc  has installed and maintains all equipment related to this program and process.

If the fine is not paid or contested within 30 days, a Notice of Impending Default Judgment will be sent informing the vehicle owner that an additional $25 has been assigned to the original $50 fine. If the City does not a receive a response, a Notice of Judgment will be delivered and the case will be sent to the City’s Collections Agent, EOS CCA, for collection.  

If you have more questions about how the Red Light Camera Program works, visit the City's Red Light Camera - Frequently Asked Questions page.

Animated Illustration of Photo Enforcement


Camera Locations

Up to 50 intersection will eventually be equipped with Red Light Cameras.  

Those now equipped with cameras are:  

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Public Awareness Campaign

The City has launched a paid-media campaign titled "Run a Red Light? Expect a Photo Finish" to warn motorists that Red Light Cameras are in operation.

View the 30-second commercial