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City of Rochester

Senior Management Team




Lovely A. Warren



Elected to a four-year term, the Mayor is the City's chief executive officer and approves and enforces City laws, appoints department heads, develops programs and policies, proposes an annual budget, and supervises all City operations.

Phone: (585) 428-7045



  Mayor Lovely A. Warren 


Deputy Mayor

Leonard Redon




Assists the Mayor in day-to-day operations, and has direct oversight of the following departments:  Emergency Communications, Environmental Services, Finance, Fire, Law, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, and Neighborhood & Business Development.  He also overses the Office of Management & Budget and the Parking & Municipal Code Violations Bureau.  

Phone: (585) 428-7163


  Leonard Redon 

Chief of Staff

Jeremy A. Cooney



Serves as a senior advisor to the Mayor. Oversees the Mayor’s Office and manages intergovernmental affairs. Provides direct oversight of the Rochester Public Library and the Department of Recreation and Youth Services. 

Phone: (585) 428-6271



Office of the Mayor
Director of Special Projects

Allen Williams



Oversees the development and implementation of projects as requested by the Mayor. Responsible for defining, planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating the administration’s initiatives. Chairs the Mayor's Early Learning Commission and is the lead for education issues.

 Phone: (585) 428-7192



Office of the Mayor
Assistant to the Mayor

Tracey Miller



Oversees the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services which provides a direct link for city residents to the Mayor's Office to ensure efficient and timely responsiveness to constituent concerns, and to promote effective community relations.    

Phone:  (585) 428-7045



Office of Public Integrity

Director Timothy R. Weir



Oversees investigation of reports of fraud, corruption, waste and abuse; provides ethics education for City offices and employees; and conducts internal audits.

Phone: (585) 428-7245  

   Timothy Weir 

Bureau of Communications & Special Events

Christine Orr Christopher, Director



Responsible for all public communications regarding City events and operations. Manages interactions with press and media; arranges the Mayor's public appearances. Oversees the Office of Special Events.

Phone: (585) 428-7405


Corporation Counsel

T. Andrew Brown



Oversees the Law Department; responsible for all legal business related to the administration, City Council and City boards and commissions.

Phone: (585) 428-6986


Office of Management and Budget 

Christopher Wagner, Director



Manages the development and monitoring of the annual budget and the capital improvement plan. Oversees efficiency and effectiveness efforts.  

Phone: (585) 428-6186

  Wagner Chris SMT 

Finance Department

Charles Benincasa, Director



Manages the City's financial affairs including accounting, purchasing, assessment, treasury, tax collection, municipal code adjudication and all municipal parking functions.

Phone: (585) 428-7151



Department of Human Resource Management

Tassie Demps, Director



Oversees all personnel functions, including Civil Service, labor negotiations and development of various personnel policies.

Phone: (585) 428-6185

  Tassie Demps 


Department of Environmental Services

Norman Jones, Commissioner




Oversees all public works operations including: water, lighting, recycling, refuse collection, snow and ice control and street maintenance. Maintains municipal fleet, facilities and parks. Manages the City's architecture and engineering functions and administers operation of the Mt. Hope and Riverside cemeteries.

Phone: (585) 428-6855

   Jones Norman SMT14 

Department of Information Technology

Lisa Bobo, Chief Information Officer  



Manages all computing and related online technical operations; oversees the Records Management Office.

Phone: (585) 428-8860



Department of Neighborhood & Business Development

Delmonize "Del" Smith, Commissioner



Oversees the City’s housing and economic development programs, planning and zoning activities and building and property code enforcement efforts. Directs the department's four neighborhood service centers that, using cross-functional staff teams, work to stabilize and improve the quality of life in city neighborhoods.

Phone: (585) 428-6883



Department of Recreation & Youth Services

Marisol O. Ramos-Lopez, Commissioner



Oversees recreation centers and youth programs, including Summer of Opportunity, Biz Kid$and Pathways to Peace. Leads parks stewardship efforts and administers the Public Market.  

Phone: (585) 428-6749



Emergency Communications Department

John Merklinger, Director


  Oversees all aspects of emergency communications; coordinates 911 functions for City Police and Fire, Monroe County Sheriff's Office, various town and village police and fire departments, and ambulance corps.
Phone: (585) 528-2207    john.merklinger@cityofrochester.gov 
  John Merklinger 

Rochester Police Department 

Michael Ciminelli, Chief (interim)



Oversees the functions and operations of the Rochester Police Department and the civilian security guards for municipal facilities and events.

Phone: (585) 428-7033    


Rochester Fire Department

John P. Schreiber, Chief



Oversees the functions and operations of the Rochester Fire Department functions, including fire prevention, suppression and public education.

Phone: (585) 428-7485   fireweb@cityofrochester.gov 





Rochester Public Library

Patty Uttaro, Director




Manages the operation of the Central Library and 10 city branch libraries.
Phone: (585) 428-8045    patricia.uttaro@libraryweb.org 



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