Surplus Property Auctions




These are auctions of CITY-OWNED real estate typically in need of repair and redevelopment. This is a competitive bid process and some may require a development proposal should you have the winning bid. 



281-283 Benton Street

The City is soliciting applicants to bid on a property at 281-283 Benton St. The property will be sold to qualified purchasers who agree to be solely responsible for the rehabilitation of the property. The structure is sold in as-is condition.

To participate a purchaser must demonstrate:

  • Sufficient capital to fund the purchase and repair the structure. ($20,000 must be shown).  A developer is limited to a total of 3 projects with the City at one time.
  • Applicant must not own any property in the City of Rochester with uncorrected code violations, unpaid tickets or fines, or unpaid property taxes or liens for prior tax years at the time of submission.
  • Applicant or any member of applicant’s team or immediate family must not have lost any property to the City via an In-Rem Tax Foreclosure within the past five years or had a purchase contract with the City cancelled for non-performance within the past three years.

The City will the property to the highest bidder.  The minimum bid for the property will be $120,000.  To qualify to purchase this property,  submit this application. The City of Rochester will contact you with showing availability and provide a sealed bid form once purchaser eligibility has been confirmed.  The Qualification application is due on November 17th by 4PM in City Hall at 30 Church St, Room 125-B. 

Call (585) 428-6951 or email with question