Donations of Privately Owned Real Estate

On an individual, case by case basis, the City of Rochester will consider donations of privately owned vacant structures or residential vacant lots. The City will review offers to determine if the property can be used in conjunction with a project or program, or utilized for municipal purposes. 


  • Preference will be given to those parcels which meet or exceed the City's standards for buildable residential lots
  • Consult your tax adviser, as a property donation may offer you a tax deduction
  • No property will be accepted with liens or encumbrances (unpaid taxes or liens). The property owner must pay outstanding liens and provide clear title to the property being donated. It also may be possible for lien holders to donate their interests in a property. 
  • An environmental audit will be conducted prior to acceptance of a donation of any property that is currently, or was formerly used for commercial or industrial purposes, or where contamination is suspected. 
  • All donations are subject to approval by City Council


All offers of real estate donations should be submitted in writing to :

 City of Rochester
Department of Neighborhood and Business Development
Division of Real Estate
30 Church St - Room 125B
Rochester, NY 14614

*Please Print and fill out this form, or make sure to include your name, phone number, email address, mailing address, address of donation parcel, reason for donation, and a statement indicating if your property is free and clear of liens and taxes are paid.