ROC with RFD

Fitness for firefighters 

Firefighter candidates often ask about the challenges they can expect as firefighter recruits and as future firefighters. Recruits face a vigorous academic program and a demanding physical training component to ensure that they possess the strength and fitness necessary to meet the demands of a career in firefighting.

The ROC with RFD Boot Camp offered firefighter candidates the opportunity to participate in a fitness session designed for firefighter recruits. Candidates also took part in several activities that simulated RFD Recruit Academy training.

Group workout

The ROC with RFD boot camp begins with a 30 minute group workout.

 Incline pushups  Quad Stretch  Group pushups

Task Oriented Stations 

Candidates are then divided into groups for firefighting task-oriented stations. 

Station 1: Ladder Raise

Firefighters regularly raise ground ladders during fire suppression and rescue activities. 

ladder raise image

Station 2: Hose Stretch/Hose Pull

The hose stretch and pull station simulates movements firefighters engage in during fire suppression operations.

Hose pull  

Station 3: Emergency Medical Service (EMS) 

Firefighters often respond various medical emergencies. These emergencies vary from chronic illnesses to traumatic injuries. This station provided candidates with the opportunity to walk through the steps of controlling a severe bleeding. 


Station 4: Forcible Entry/Push/Pull

The forcible entry station simulates the act of forcing open a door with a tool in order to make entry to fight a fire or assist in a medical emergency. This station also simulated an overhead push/pull movement of which firefighters engage in when checking for fire extension during and after a structural fire.

Overhead push pull station

Station 5: Saw Carry/Dummy Drag

Candidates who participated in the saw carry station had a chance to experience the physical demands of carrying tools commonly used at a fire scene. Saws are often used at fire scenes for ventilation purposes. Candidate also participated in a dummy drag which simulates moving a downed victim or firefighter.

Saw carry

Station 6: Tips and Techniques

This station provided information on how to prepare for the physical challenges associated with the firefighting. Attached are the tips provided at this stations during the Roc with RFD event.

 Tips and techniques training


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