24 & 32 York Street Environmental Cleanup


24 York Street and 32 York Street are two adjacent properties that were acquired by the City on September 12, 2019 after completing environmental due diligence on both parcels. The City of Rochester was awarded a Brownfield Cleanup Grant under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for the cleanup of the Site. In addition to the funding from the USEPA, this project will also be funded by the City. Though this project has been funded, wholly or in part, by EPA, the contents of this webpage do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of EPA. The cleanup of 24 & 32 York Street is anticipated to begin in summer 2022.

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Site Map

 24 & 32 York St Site Map (no building) 


24 York Street is approximately 0.17 acres and is currently an asphalt-paved parking lot that was previously associated with a former church that was located on the adjoining 32 York Street parcel to the north. 24 York Street was historically used as a blacksmith shop, a wood working shop, a painting and harness shop, an auto repair facility, and a gasoline station with at least eight underground storage tanks. 32 York Street is approximately 0.16 acres and currently contains a building that was formerly used as a church, and historically as a post office. The building will be demolished prior to the cleanup phase of this project in accordance with the USEPA approved work plan.  Both parcels are located in the Bulls Head Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA).   

NYSDEC Petroleum Spill #1901036 & Current Status 

 Phase II environmental site assessment investigations were conducted in June, 2019 for both 24 and 32 York Street in order to evaluate subsurface environmental conditions. There was sufficient evidence of petroleum contamination in soil and groundwater to warrant reporting a spill to the NYSDEC (NYSDEC Spill #1901036).  The City of Rochester DEQ completed additional investigations for both 24 and 32 York Street to further delineate the extent of the petroleum contamination in November, 2019. The City was awarded a USEPA Brownfield Cleanup grant in September, 2020 for the cleanup and remediation of these two properties. As part of the proposed cleanup, the City has retained an environmental consultant (LaBella) to assist with preparing and implementing a site-specific CAP (CAP), a Site Management Plan (SMP), in addition to updating and finalizing the Alternatives to Brownfield Cleanup Analyses (ABCA) and developing a Citizen Participation Plan (CPP).  The finalized ABCA, CPP and CAP can be found in the section below and the SMP will be available once cleanup is complete in fall, 2022. Please note that the comment period for the ABCA ended on April 9th, 2022. 

Further Information 

More detailed information regarding the environmental conditions and the City’s Brownfield cleanup efforts at 24 and 32 York Street can be found in the following list of documents:

This website will be periodically updated as new information is obtained. If you have additional questions about the project please contact the City’s project manager Ms. Alexandra Leigh Zobel, City of Rochester Division of Environmental Quality via (585) 428-7094 or email her