DataRoc Open Data Portal

A Clearinghouse of City Data

The DataRoc is a public clearinghouse of information maintained by the City of Rochester. DataRoc feature more than 100 datasets produced by analysts and staff across City departments. These  include historical assessment records, bikeshare statistics, nuisance points by property and much more. DataRoc  also centralizes data that is available online, like the RPD Open Data Portal, and provides links to related external public content. 

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How to explore City data

DataRoc  features different ways to engage with City data. The primary options include:  

  • Applications – which allow users to easily manipulate and explore that data;
  • Web Maps – spatial visualizations of community features that allow users to either explore specific addresses or sites;
  • Story Maps – collections of maps, data, and other information presented with guiding text to help users understand the data, and;
  • Data Sets – easy to search and download raw data sets. 

Bloomberg What Works Cities

The development of this portal is part of the City’s effort to gain certification in the Bloomberg What Works Cities program, a national standard of excellence for well-managed, data-driven local government. Data Roc represents a step towards the completion of the program’s Open Data requirements.

The  Benefits of Data

Cities across the nation are reaping the benefits of open data portals. Open data portals help customers access government data on demand – reducing the need for open records requests. Open data portals also help build trust and accountability between the local government and citizens by increasing the public’s understanding of what their local government does and the data it uses to make decisions. 

Area universities, think tanks, and other interested stakeholders often use public data to gain a deeper understanding of issues, which leads to innovative solutions. Finally, community based organizations also gain quick access to a variety of tools and data,  increasing their ability to leverage data for decision making and grant writing. 

Future Plans 

DataRoc will continue to evolve. The initial focus is to centralize  applications that currently reside on the City’s website and make their associated data sets available for download. Over time, new applications, stories and data sets will be released, guided in part by public feedback and requests. Non-spatial data, like policy documents and key performance indicators, will be made available as well.

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