Gun Violence State of Emergency Proclamation and Order

Local State of Emergency

Pursuant to Executive Law Section 24 (1) and (2), the Mayor of Rochester has issued a Proclamation of a Local State of Emergency due to gun violence and a Gun Violence Emergency Order. 

Gun Violence Emergency Order

The order gives the Mayor broad powers to protect life and property and to bring the emergency under control, including express authority to regulate and close places of amusement and assembly; to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, use or transportation of alcoholic beverages; and to prohibit and control the presence of persons on public streets and places. The Emergency Order must be updated every five (5)  days. Read the latest Emergency Order here>> 

Proclamation of a Local State of Emergency

 The Proclamation of a Local State of Emergency throughout the city of Rochester due to gun violence took effect Nov. 12, 2021.  States of Emergencies must be renewed after 30 days. Read the latest Proclamation here>> 

Rochester Police Department Use of Emergency Powers

The Rochester Police Department (RPD) will use the emergency powers to close commercial locations that exceed the nuisance point threshold and that have had a recent shooting incident at the location. 

This would authorize the Chief to close any commercial establishment or portion thereof that has points sufficient to be deemed a nuisance under Charter Section 10-12 and that has had a shooting incident at the property in the past 30 days. Before closing, the RPD is to send a closure notice to the owner by overnight mail and post the closure notice on the building for at least 24 hours. The location would remain closed until the period of local emergency concludes.

Businesses who have had their operations suspended will be obligated to meet with their local Neighborhood Service Center (NSC). An abatement plan will be drafted by the NSC and that business. Upon an agreement to the stipulations of the abatement, all sides will sign it, and the business will be allowed to reopen upon approval from the Chief’s Office.

Governor's Declaration of Statewide Disaster Emergency

 the Governor of New York has issued Executive Order 211 declaring a Statewide Disaster Emergency Due to Gun Violence, which remains in effect. Read the Statewide Order here>>